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Season 4

Episode 89

(A Mini Honey Moon (11)

“My hope is… only one, but you must have prepared two for them.” Huo Mian knew Mr. Qin very well, he wasn’t such a playboy, so he definitely wouldn’t be so inconsiderate to only prepare one room for Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling.

Qin Chu pinched Huo Mian’s nose with adoration, “You’re the smartest, and you know me so well.”

“Of course,” Huo Mian said pridefully. She had known Qin Chu for quite some time now, and they dated at a young age, so she was able to predict most of his thoughts.

“I did ask them to prepare two rooms, but…”

At that thought, Qin Chu stopped speaking…

“What?” Huo Mian was confused, could there be something else to it?

“Nothing, let’s see how it goes. I think it’ll get very interesting.” Qin Chu slightly lifted the corners of his mouth.

They were all on the same floor, the 18th floor, and both Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran were given room cards to their presidential suites. Qin Chu was very generous.

When Zhu Lingling entered her room, she screamed out loud…

Gao Ran immediately ran over when he heard the noise…

He noticed that the lights in Zhu Lingling’s room were broken, and none of them could light up… (TL Note: true iron lady)

She called the front desk, and they said that an electrician would come to repair it. However, since it was very late already, the electrician went back to the village to sleep, and it would take some time to get here on a bike. They waited around for half an hour before Zhu Lingling finally lost her patience.

“I can’t wait anymore, I’m too tired, just get me another room.”

“I’m sorry, there aren’t any other empty rooms,” replied the receptionist.

Zhu Lingling was oddly surprised, “I’m fine with other rooms, it doesn’t have to be the presidential suite.”

“Sorry, we’re fully booked tonight for all the rooms.”

“Are you kidding me? You’ve got eighteen floors here, and at least seven to eight hundred rooms. How could you be all booked up?” Zhu Lingling was filled with disbelief.

“Even though we have a lot of rooms, but because of the President’s charity gala tonight, there are a lot of guests that are staying over. We might have an empty room tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? Then am I sleeping by the front desk tonight?” Zhu Lingling was pissed.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Zhu, why don’t you stay with your friend tonight?” asked the receptionist kindly.


Gao Ran immediately replied, “I’ve got a presidential suite as well, and there are at least three bedrooms. It’s very convenient.”

“Yes Ms. Zhu, the presidential suite is very large and very private. You could stay in your friend’s room, and return to your suite tomorrow once the electrician fixes the lights. Is that okay?”

The front desk receptionist was being extremely polite the entire time because she knew that Zhu Lingling was a friend of the president….

What the receptionist said made sense, and soon Zhu Lingling was convinced.

“Fine, then I’ll stay in your room for a night, but let me warn you, don’t get any ideas…” Zhu Lingling felt cautious when she thought of what happened at the hotel last time.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything even if you beg me. I was drunk last time, okay?” Gao Ran felt helpless.

Zhu Lingling settled down when she heard what Gao Ran said…

So, late at night, she walked over to Gao Ran’s room, located beside hers, in PJs…

– Inside another presidential suite –

Huo Mian lied on the soft bed and asked Qin Chu with a smile, “So… is it really okay for you to plot like this? If Lingling found out that you did this on purpose, she would definitely try to kill you.”

“Why would she kill me? I was just trying to set them up for their own good,” Qin Chu said nonchalantly.

He messed up the lights in Zhu Lingling’s room and told the receptionist downstairs that there weren’t any empty rooms. Not even Huo Mian would believe such a bad excuse, but Zhu Lingling did.

In other words, her practice in the Dao was still not enough…

“You must be tired, I’ll prepare a hot bath for you.”

“Okay, I want to take a bubble bath…” Huo Mian said coyishly.

Qin Chu nodded and kissed Huo Mian with adoration. Then, he got up to draw up a bath inside the washroom.

Huo Mian lied on the bed and thought that once Zhu Lingling went to Gao Ran’s room, anything could happen, and it must be very interesting.

An uncertain amount of time passed by, and oddly enough, Huo Mian managed to fall asleep.

When she woke up, she noticed that she was already inside a bubble bath…

She was surrounded by warm water and sweet rose oil…

“You’re awake.” Qin Chu’s voice suddenly rang, frightening Huo Mian…




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