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Season 4

Episode 63

(Oh She's Already Married (5)

"President Su isn't here yet. He's very busy, there's a lot of high-level executive meetings for him to host, so he asked me to visit you instead." Upon finishing her sentence, Lisa placed the flowers inside a vase by her bed.

Truth be told, Lisa liked Zhao Qingya when she first signed with their company. She was quite pretty and also very hardworking, thus the company invested quite a lot in her. But later on, she became spoiled from all the adoration and even bullied newer stars. She and her agent even issued rumors about her and Su Yu to gain publicity, and Lisa didn't like that at all.

However, because she was at the peak of her fame, Su Yu ignored her publicity stunts…

Now that President Su seemed to have lost his interest in her, and Mian Mian rose to fame, Zhao Qingya started to bully her.

Lisa was really annoyed with her faking innocence while plotting devious plans, not liking this one bit.

Zhao Qingya lost the innocent core she had when she initially entered the industry, and all that was left was her innocent girl fa├žade.

Zhao Qingya was slightly disappointed when she heard that Su Yu didn't come...

There wasn't anything wrong with the crane, but when she landed on the ground, she tripped on purpose, and that was why she fell.

Her intention was to get Su Yu to visit her once he heard of her injury, but sadly, her plan failed.

"President Su said that you should rest for a bit. Oh right, the Finance Department just transferred the money to your private account, did you get it yet? That was an order from President Su, he wants you to rest for a few days. Take it as a vacation, and don't feel pressured."

Upon hearing what Lisa said, Zhao Qingya immediately grabbed up her phone and tapped her online banking app to check.

A seven-figure amount was transferred into her account a few minutes ago.

She was already used to Su Yu's generosity…

Everyone has some degree of greed within then, and when Zhao Qingya first started dating Su Yu, she was only doing it for the fame and money.

Back then, Su Yu supported her 100%, and within a year, she was featured in several major films, and later became a well-known A-list star.

She had all the fame and money she could ever want. Aside from her own earnings from films, Su Yu also bought her several houses and cars, along with countless gold and silver pieces of jewelry as well as watches and bags.

However, now, she no longer wanted those things...

She wanted to marry Su Yu and become a member of the Su family… by then she could retire and raise the kids.

However, she didn't know that the Su family would be that hard to marry into.

"Sister Lisa, we've known each other for quite a while now, there's no need to hide things from me. Is President Su dating Mian Mian?"

"Qingya, some things…"

"Just tell me 'yes' or 'no'," Zhao Qingya interrogated Lisa.

"No, he isn't. President Su might have given some extra resources to Mian Mian, but from what I know, there's really nothing between them. President Su seems to be very busy lately, so they barely have any time to see each other"

"Huh… I don't believe you," Zhao Qingya sneered.

"That bitch, Mian Mian, must have seduced President Su while I was away filming at another city."

"See, you won't even believe me if I told you the truth. Qingya, just hear me out, you shouldn't be so stubborn, or else you'll only harm yourself."

Lisa left the room after she comforted Zhao Qingya.

Plenty of fans waited outside the First Hospital for Zhao Qingya to be discharged.

At the Imperial Star's Shooting Stars and Butterfly Sword press conference that afternoon, the media asked Mian Mian about her relationship with President Su Yu. She smiled without saying anything, and the others didn't know what to think about this response.

Inside the room, Zhao Qingya was watching the live broadcast on T.V., and she was so mad that she tossed an ashtray over at it, shattering the LED T.V.

"Qingya, please calm down, what's the point?"

"I just can't stand it, that woman has gotten plastic surgery all over her face, and she's not special at all. She doesn't deserve to be so famous." Zhao Qingya forcefully squashed the cigarette in her hand, and her face turned green with fury.

"Qingya, you've been in this industry for a while, why can't you learn to let things go? Who is President Su? Even if Mian Mian didn't exist, there would still be another rising star. Weren't you a newbie when you first entered this industry? Back then, President Su was still dating Annie Liang, but you still took her place."

"Still, I can't stand it, anyway… I don't like this Mian Mian at all, I have to deal with her."

- Beside a private swimming pool -

Su Yu had only swum one lap before stepping out of the pool and grabbing a towel to wipe the water off his body.

"I hear that you're quite close with that newbie at your company, has your taste changed?" Wei Liao asked as he pointed to the T.V.




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