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Season 4

Episode 71

(I Hate How Rational You Are (3)

“I do, he stayed at South Side a while ago before I was promoted to head nurse. I used to administer his IVs every day, why do you ask?”

Huo Mian didn’t lie and told Qin Chu up front…

“Nothing, I was just wondering.” He nodded and turned around to go to work.

Huo Mian took a hot shower, put on the eye mask, and fell into deep sleep.

At around 11:20 AM, Zhu Lingling’s call came in.

“Get up, I’m at Cherry Blossom Japanese Cuisine on Changqing Street.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.” Huo Mian got up in a daze. She then took a shower and drove right over.

She arrived in less than 20 minutes.

Zhu Lingling had already ordered a table full of food and was waiting for her.

After the two of them wolfed everything down, Zhu Lingling suggested that they go shopping, and Huo Mian happily agreed.

To their surprise, they ran into Lin Xuejiao at the mall.

She immediately went up to greet Huo Mian, “Hey guys.”

“What a coincidence, you’re here as well?” Huo Mian replied with a smile.

“Yeah, did Gao Ran tell you what happened between us?” Lin Xuejiao asked straight away.

Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling looked at each other; Huo Mian nodded, “Oh yeah, I kind of heard.”

“Do you know why we broke up?” Lin Xuejiao seemed to be asking Huo Mian, but in reality, her gaze was on Zhu Lingling.

“I don’t know, Gao Ran didn’t say, so we didn’t ask.”

“Gao Ran comes from a family of high-level officials who are really strict about who marries into their family. I thought that I would be good enough for him, but Gao Ran’s mother told me that she wouldn’t let anyone who wasn’t a virgin marry her son. I had a boyfriend before so… Anyway, forget about that. I hope Gao Ran can be happy. Have fun shopping, guys, see you next time.”

Lin Xuejiao left as soon as she finished speaking… leaving Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling standing there, flabbergasted…

After Zhu Lingling heard what Lin Xuejiao said, she commented sourly, “What year is this? Gao Ran’s mom sure is weird, setting up standards like this for her daughter-in-law. She might as well go look for one at a kindergarten.”

“Lin Xuejiao’s really weird, why would she tell us all that?” Huo Mian wondered why Lin Xuejiao acted this way.

She didn’t think that they were close enough to talk about such an intimate topic, but she did anyway.

Lin Xuejiao didn’t seem to be a brainless oaf who spoke whatever was on her mind either.

She must’ve had an ulterior motive to this…

Huo Mian thought with her head down…

“Let’s not stand here, let’s go.”

She pulled Huo Mian away, and the two of them proceeded with an afternoon’s worth of shopping.

Finally, they had some afternoon tea before Zhu Lingling finally let Huo Mian go home.

As soon as Huo Mian got home, she received another WeChat message from Gao Ran…

“Huo Mian, did you ask Zhu Lingling what’s going on? Even a criminal sentenced to death has to know why. I don’t get it, it’s so weird.”

Huo Mian thought about it for a while and replied to him with another question, “Why did you break up with Lin Xuejiao?”

“I told you, our personalities weren’t compatible.”

“What about your parents? Was your mom not happy with her or something?” Huo Mian asked carefully.

“Mian, are you kidding me? My mom would die of happiness if I got married tomorrow and gave her a grandchild the day after. She doesn’t care who I date, and I’m beginning to suspect that she doesn’t care about the gender too.”

“Oh, then I get it.”

“What did you get?” Gao Ran was confused.

“Nothing…I’ll ask Lingling again when I have the chance. Stay calm.”

“How am I supposed to stay calm? I don’t even know what’s happening…” Gao Ran seemed to be agitated.

However, Huo Mian had no choice but to stop replying to him…

As she turned off her phone, Huo Mian was sure of one thing: Lin Xuejiao was a calculating b*tch.

She seemed to have found out the interesting relationship between Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran and wanted to screw it up.

She thought about it long and hard and finally decided to help Gao Ran out. She sent Lingling a WeChat message, “Lingling, unblock Gao Ran. You shouldn’t stay mad at him.”





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