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Season 4

Episode 32

(A Standoff Between Money and Power (4)

Huo Mian's expression changed slightly when she heard what he said…

"I know what you're worried about. You're scared that your mom won't react well to it."

"Yeah, my mom wouldn't be able to endure that shock."

"But have you thought about it? We can't stay secretly married our whole lives. We're married, and that's the fact."

"I know," Huo Mian looked down and said weakly.

"I know that what my parents did back then is unforgivable, and I'm trying my best to make things up to you. I will treat your family like mine for the rest of my life and treat your mother and brother like my own. I think that if your mother knows how I feel about you, she might cut me some slack."

"But my mom has high blood pressure, and her health isn't great. I'm afraid that if I tell her, she'll get angry, and… get sick, and that would be a hassle. Uncle Jing is already gone, and I don't want anything to happen to her."

"What if we beat around the bush about it?" Qin Chu probed.

"Either way, it's going to be hard. My mom treats even you like the enemy, let alone your parents."

What Huo Mian said was the truth…

"I guess we'll have to do more intricate planning about this." Qin Chu sighed slightly.

Huo Mian leaned into Qin Chu's embrace and comforted him, "Don't worry too much about it, I'll look for opportunities to slowly feel her out, and see if I can change her mind."

"I know you will." Qin Chu lovingly rubbed Huo Mian's head.

After staying with Qin Chu for a little while longer, Huo Mian went back into the yard, and Qin Chu drove away.

She lied in bed, still unable to fall asleep…

The issue Qin Chu brought up was something that she had already considered many times. However, from her mother's current attitude, there was almost no possibility for her to accept Qin Chu.

The same goes for Huo Mian herself; she was also unable to accept Qin Chu's parents.

This was indeed a hot potato situation. After all, they were Qin Chu's birth parents.

They can't avoid seeing his parents just because they got married; never crossing paths and pretending not to know each other wasn't realistic.

Looks like she needed to find a way. But first, she'll have to deal with her mother. As long as her mom was fine with it, everything else would be easy.

- The next morning -

Yang Meirong prepared soymilk and fried buns for breakfast. Huo Mian ate with a heavy mind and heart.

"Don't drive too fast, the roads out there are all under construction, and there are bumps everywhere."

"I got it, Mom."

"Don't always give Zhixin money, just give him enough to spend. Don't spoil him."

Yang Meirong droned on about random household stuff, but Huo Mian's mind was elsewhere.

She tried to ask her mother, "Mom, do you still hate the Qin family?"

"Of course, I hate their guts. I would be happy to strip off their skin if I get the chance." Yang Meirong immediately got agitated at the mention of Qin Chu's parents.

"What I mean is… you're not young anymore, and your health isn't as good as it used to be. I don't want you to live in hatred, because Uncle Jing is already gone. I don't want you to endure that much pressure."

Huo Mian beat around the bushes so that she could feel out her mother's attitude…

Yang Meirong immediately turned her head around and cursed angrily, "I'll never forget them. They used power and money to murder your Uncle Jing, and used that stupid driver as a scapegoat. Was that necessary? Everyone knows that they hired that driver, and then they had the audacity to give us compensation? Would that give Jing back his life? If I gave them a million yuan and murdered that heartless as* Qin Yumin, would they be okay with it?"

Huo Mian knew that her worries were real when she heard how pissed off Yang Meirong still was.

"Mom, I wish that it was me who died that day," Huo Mian said with guilt.

"That's not what I meant. Both you and your Uncle Jing are important to me. I, Yang Meirong, will never reconcile with those people from the Qin family. I will never let go of that hatred unless I die"

Afterward, Yang Meirong looked at Huo Mian and asked her coldly, "Don't tell me you're still hung up on that son of theirs."




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