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Season 4

Episode 62

(Oh She's Already Married (4)

"How is that possible? If I hang out with him again, then even you should stop being friends with me."

"It's good that you know."

"I know that he is looking for me to patch things up because the Zhou Family lost the case. We've got a lot of connections on our side, and the entire upper-class circle found out that Dennis Wu appeared in court. Even that terrible ex-boyfriend of mine came running over to ask if I knew Dennis Wu. What kind of world do we live in?"

"That's normal, most people only measure the so-called success with two standards."

"Which two?" Zhu Lingling was confused.

"With marks when you're little and with money when you're older."

"You're absolutely right, even though it's very superficial, it's very true." Zhu Lingling very much agreed.

"So, you shouldn't take it so hard, but I still have to warn you."


"Next time when you're looking for a boyfriend, don't judge the person by their financial situation. Character first, okay?"

"Okay…" Zhu Lingling clearly knew that Huo Mian was right.

"Nowadays, a person's standards and ethics come first, and money comes second. If the person is nice, then he could slowly earn the money later on. But if the person has a bad character, then it'll be hard to change his natural born personality and set of ethics. I don't believe that those with bad character can change, and that's a fact that hasn't changed in ages."

"Okay, okay, Young Mistress Huo, you're always right, okay?"

"Whoa, hold it, I'm no Young Mistress Huo, that's Huo Yanyan, not me."

"Oh right, speaking of Huo Yanyan, she was there when I went out with Deng Kai that time. She seemed to have a crush on Su Yu and was trying to seduce him the whole time, but I don't think Su Yu like her."

"She likes Su Yu? She must be pretty blind." Huo Mian laughed lightly.

Who in the world could stand Su Yu's temper? Just because that Su Yu had a handsome face, did that mean all the girls in the world would put up with his irrational temper, impoliteness, and that arrogant attitude?

"Su Yu is nice, I thought he was alright. He's a bit of a playboy, but he does have the asset to allow him to be one. If we grew up their circle, then we would've already had tons of lovers as well. Plus, I heard that Su Yu has always been very generous with women."

"Say what you want, it just depends on what you value the most, everyone has their own way of putting a value on things." Huo Mian smiled, and she no longer argued about Su Yu with Zhu Lingling.

"Let's grab dinner when I'm off this week and go shopping. It's been a while since I've shopped, I've been in such a bad mood."


"Remember to not bring your Qin Chu. If he comes, then he'll bring that guy Gao Ran too."

"Okay, I got it, girl."

Huo Mian smiled after she bid goodbye to Zhu Lingling...

- Headquarters of Imperial Star Entertainment -

"President Su, we've just received news from the film set, Miss Zhao Qingya was wounded in an accident while on the hanging wire."

"Oh, is it serious?" Su Yu seemed to be fairly calm.

"Nothing too serious, but she had quite a scare and is still at the First Hospital right now."

"Ask Lisa to visit her, and get the Financial Department to transfer money into her private account."

"President Su… are you not planning to visit?" His male assistant was surprised.

President Su had always favored Zhao Qingya, so why was he being so apathetic towards her now?

"If I go to visit her, will you host the executive meeting for me?" Su Yu raised his head and stared at the assistant.

The assistant didn't dare to say anything else, and immediately followed Su Yu's orders...

- First Hospital -

Lisa walked into Zhao Qingya's room with lilies in her hand, "President Su heard that you got injured and asked me to visit you."

"Where's President Su?" Zhao Qingya asked nervously as she got up.




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