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Season 4

Episode 94

(Sudden Change Within One Night (4)

Due to the emergency, Qin Chu flew over and protected Huo Mian. The little snake ended up biting into Qin Chu’s arm.

Luckily, it was fall and was a bit cold in the morning, so Qin Chu wore a light grey long sleeve shirt, and the clothing protected him by quite a bit…

With his other hand, Qin Chu carefully pinched the little snake, and then slowly placed it on the ground before suddenly letting go…

The little snake seemed to have been frightened, as it waved its tail, and hid away into the grass with a ‘swoosh’.

“You’ve been bit, let me take a look.” Huo Mian’s expression dramatically changed as she pulled up Qin Chu’s sleeve.

She could clearly two teeth prints with blood slowly flowing out…

“It’s all my fault, you were bitten because of me. Let me get the congested blood out first, it might hurt, but it’ll be over soon.” After Huo Mian spoke, she forcefully pressed down with both her hands, causing the blood to flow out.

“Are you going to suck out the poison for me? That’s what they do on T.V.,” Qin Chu said.

“Why would I do that? What if this snake is a deadly poisonous one? I will die for sure,” Huo Mian calmly said.

Qin Chu, “…”

“So you want to wait until I die, and run off with my tens of millions of assets, Mrs. Qin?” Qin Chu calmly looked at Huo Mian.

“Okay, both of us have studied medicine. Sure you could trick others, but you can’t trick me. This snake is a pine-flower snake, or otherwise called the cauliflower Snake. It’s very ferocious but isn’t poisonous. Its main attribute is its massive physique, and many are as thick as a bowl opening, so it’s also called the pine-flower python. This type of snake can be found in ten or so provinces in our country, and that one we just saw was clearly a recently born little snake, so it’s fine. I’ve done research on this type of snake during a summer internship when I was in medical school.”

Qin Chu was hopeless at how calm Huo Mian sounded.

Finally, he calmly sighed, “So, it’s no fun marrying such a rational wife.”

“I made a mistake, that little guy wrapped itself around, and was all round, so I thought it was a small mushroom before getting a closer look, but why would you run up when you knew what kind of snake it was? It wasn’t poisonous.” Huo Mian felt bad, as she took out a water bottle to rinse Qin Chu’s wounds and a tissue to lightly dab at it.

“I didn’t want you to get bit, it would hurt,” replied Qin Chu as if he was wronged.

Huo Mian felt very moved; Qin Chu didn’t want her to suffer even one bit of pain.

Clearly, he had spoiled her rotten to an extreme extent, no wonder Gao Ran and Lingling often said that it was tormenting to watch how overly protectively Qin Chu was to his wife.

After she took care of the wounds, Huo Mian held onto Qin Chu’s arm and they walked down the mountain together…

“Honey, do you know why people are scared to see snakes? Even if they knew it wasn’t poisonous, and even if it was only a small snake, they will still be scared when they see it,” asked Huo Mian in all seriousness.

“Gut response maybe,” Qin Chu replied carelessly.

Huo Mian shook her head instead, “Gut response means that one would be scared if they often see snakes and are bitten by snakes, but many are scared even if it’s the first time they see a snake. This is called genetic influence, something that happens during evolution.”

“I’ve seen my mentor in America especially write essays on this topic, but I wasn’t interested, so I never looked into it,” Qin Chu slowly replied.

Huo Mian nodded, “I’ve read that report. The scientist first placed a lab rat into a glass room. Then they placed white smoke, and the rat didn’t respond to it. Later, when they put in the white smoke, they would also electrically shock the rat, and then the rat would gradually become terrified of the white smoke. Once the rat produced its third generation, they no longer needed to electrically shock them for them to be scared of the white smoke. This means that humans must have been bitten by snakes hundreds of thousands of times when we were just evolving into humans from apes. Therefore, whenever later generations see snakes, they would be terrified from deep within. This is an evolutionary theory, don’t you think it’s cool?”

“It is… Mother Nature is too mysterious, human beings only know the tip of the iceberg,” Qin Chu also exclaimed.

However, it was peculiar that the couple could profoundly discuss an evolutionary theory just because of a tiny snake bite…

If an academically-achieved husband married an academically-achieved wife, their mundane lives would become even more fulfilling and interesting…

Qin Chu received a call when the two returned to the hotel, and then his expressions turned ugly.

“What happened?”

“I have to head back now, something happened at GK.” Qin Chu’s looked concerned.




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