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Season 4

Episode 7

(This Woman Is Too Capricious (14)

Deng Kai looked over at Zhu Lingling as if he were trying to get her opinion. Zhu Lingling immediately replied, "No, I won't do it. I don't play games like this."

Deng Kai laughed dryly and looked at Zhou Guangming, "She's nervous in public. Plus, she's from a poor family so she hasn't experienced life and doesn't how to have fun like we do. Don't take it personally, Young Master Zhou."

Truth be told, Deng Kai's words made Zhu Lingling really unhappy, but she didn't say anything.

She pretended that it was Deng Kai's attempt to give Zhou Guangming an out…

However, Zhou Guangming, unwilling to back down, handed her a glass of wine instead, "Oh, really? But it's my birthday today, and I'm the boss. If you're not going to take off your shirt, then at least have a glass of wine with me."

Deng Kai looked at Zhu Lingling pleadingly, "Lingling, just have some wine."

Zhu Lingling thought that everything would be fine after she drank that glass of wine. Plus, Deng Kai was there, so nothing bad would happen to her.

Therefore, without precaution, she took the wine Zhou Guangming handed her and drank it all…

She didn't notice Zhou Guangming's evil smile…

Su Yu, not far away, was chit chatting with Wei Liao, not at all interested in anyone or anything in the room.

After she drank the wine, Zhu Lingling began to feel dizzy, and her heart began beating fast. Realizing that something was wrong, she immediately ran to the restroom. She picked at her throat, in hopes to throw up the wine.

Just then, a woman came in to do some touchup on her makeup. She laughed, "Young Master Zhou drugged you. It seems like your boyfriend is basically giving you to Zhou Guangming to play with tonight. Too bad for you, there's no escape."

Zhu Lingling looked up after hearing the voice. The woman talking to her was Huo Yanyan…

She knew Huo Yanyan, and vice versa. However, because of Huo Mian, Zhu Lingling despised her.

"Why are you here?" Zhu Lingling was surprised to see her.

She must've paid too much attention to Su Yu, so Zhu Lingling didn't even notice that one of the women in the private room was Huo Yanyan. No wonder she couldn't recognize her, Huo Yanyan had on smokey-eye makeup tonight, and looked like a panda.

Her dress was furry and colorful, and she looked like a retarded parrot.

When all of the girls took their clothes off, Huo Yanyan didn't; rather, she went to have a drink with Su Yu.

It was obvious that Su Yu wasn't interested, so she started playing dice with Wei Liao and Tang Chuan.

Wei Liao and the others didn't like Huo Yanyan as well, but since she was from the Huo family and was Huo Siqian's little sister, they had to be somewhat considerate of her.

This was probably the worst time to see Huo Yanyan…

Zhu Lingling kept throwing up, but she was still feeling dizzy…

"I never have anything to say to people like you. Get out of my way." Zhu Lingling pushed Huo Yanyan off to the side and stumbled out to accidentally see something that instantly made her hopeless…

Zhou Guangming was talking to her supposed boyfriend. "Deng Kai, I have a thing for your girl, let me borrow her for a night."

Deng Kai responded with a slight smile, "Young Master Zhou, I don't think that's a good idea. I kind of like this girlfriend."

Zhou Guangming snickered. "Women are like a change of clothes, they're not hard to come by. Don't be so stingy, I can lend you mine to play with. It'll be fun, she's half Chinese, half Russian, has an insanely hot body, and is super good in bed."

Deng Kai seemed to be considering the deal. "Young Master Zhou, I…"

Zhou Guangming caught onto his friend's change in stance quickly. "It's a deal then. Once the drug starts to work, I'll take her to the lounge and have some fun with her."

Then, Zhou Guangming patted Deng Kai on the shoulder, to which Deng Kai didn't even object…

Zhu Lingling was so angry that she was about to burst. Deng Kai seemed really manly, but right then and there, why was he acting like such a p*ssy?

Does he not even have the guts to refuse? Did he just agree to let Zhou Guangming play with her for the night?

F*ck this bullsh*t…

Furious, Zhu Lingling stormed out and grabbed Deng Kai by the collar, "Are you a f*cking man or not?"





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