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Season 4

Episode 95

(Sudden Change Within One Night (5)

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded; she knew that it was an emergency, or else Qin Chu wouldn’t be this concerned.

Qin Chu sped back to C City, only taking four hours for a five-hour trip.

The sun didn’t even set when they arrived at C City…

“I will head to the company now, you should head home first and rest,” Qin Chu softly said.

Huo Mian nodded and got off the car at the gates of Imperial Park…

Qin Chu drove to the company’s headquarters.

“Dad, why did you need me in such a hurry?” Qin Chu saw his father sitting on his own office chair as soon as he entered. His father’s face was incensed, he was clearly here to deliver bad news of some sort.

“I saw that an amount of money was transferred out of the Financial Department and was used to create a charity at Yunding Mountain. The amount was as high as fifty million yuan, is that true?”

“Fifty million is only the initial budget, and we’ll have to spend more later on. That region is a big mountain range, and there are plenty of households with water and electrical outages. More so, the kids couldn’t afford to go to school, causing the schools to not have the ability to maintain themselves. There is also a shortage of teachers.”

“What does that have to do with you? That’s the government’s problem, you’re only a businessman; your job is to earn money, expand GK’s market, and increase sales. Why would you put in so much effort into charity work? Each year, GK symbolically donates an amount of money, but there’s no need to take charity so seriously. You’re a businessman, not a saint, do you understand?”

Qin Yumin was obviously furious that his son made this decision without consulting him. Even though fifty million wasn’t a big amount, he was very uncomfortable that his son had spent an amount like this on charity.

“Dad… you’re very knowledgeable and talented, so you must know that the money spent will find its way back. There’s endless money to be earned, but our life is limited, why can’t we do something else that’s within our ability? Yunding Mountain is a major project of mine, and once it’s developed, the money will pour in endlessly. But, we should bring prosperity to the locals, and not a disaster that destroys their homes… We are businessmen, and we are in it for the money, but I think that there’s nothing wrong with doing good for the general public while earning money.”

“Don’t you argue with me, You would never suddenly do something this for no reason. Truth be told, was it Huo Mian’s idea? Did she push you? Only poor peasants like her would want to do things like this.” Qin Yumin was certain that his son was dating Huo Mian, and so he blamed everything on her.

Qin Chu was upset when he heard his father blame Huo Mian, “Dad, it’s completely my idea, it has nothing to do with Huo Mian.”

“Don’t try to trick me, do you think that I don’t know? You even named it the Mian Foundation. What a joke, son… just look at yourself, is this something a businessman like you should be doing?” Qin Yumin slapped the table in anger.

“I admit the charity was named after her, but that only shows how important she is to me,” Qin Chu uprightly admitted.

“Fool… I’ve already contacted the Financial Department to pull back the fifty million, the money shouldn’t be used on redundant projects.”

“Dad, you can’t do that. I’m the President, while you’re already half-retired, you shouldn’t interfere too much,” Qin Chu stared at his father and warned in all seriousness.

“Chu, I admit that you’re a brilliant businessman who is good at making money, but you’re still very immature sometimes, and I don’t agree with this project. I won’t approve of this, that’s it.”

Qin Yumin seemed determined to reject the establishment of the Mian Foundation.

“Then fine, Dad, then I’d like to officially resign.”

“What?” Qin Yumin suddenly turned around and stared at his son in fury.





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