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Season 4

Episode 5

(This Woman Is Too Capricious (12)

- Seductive Fox Nightclub -

It was the biggest nightclub in the city... and the priciest. Those who came were all upper-class heirs and socialites.

Here, it was completely normal to spend a few hundred thousand yuan in one night.

Ever since Zhu Lingling began dating that second-generation heir, Deng Kai, she often joined him on his adventures around town.

However, Zhu Lingling didn't like Deng Kai's social circle, as she thought it was too complicated. The lives of rich people were not as simple as that of ordinary people.

Their lives were often messy and unspeakable; truth to be told, Zhu Lingling didn't like Deng Kai that much. She thought that he was generous and treated her well, so she was fine with dating him for the moment. She was never going to marry him.

After Zhu Lingling got off work, she planned on crashing at home, but Deng Kai called her three times, asking her to meet him at Seductive Fox.

Zhu Lingling wore a simple black trench coat paired with jean shorts and black heels.

As a flight attendant, she was not only good looking but also had a stunning body. That's also why this heir of a rich family fell for her.

"Lingling, come here." Deng Kai gestured at her.

Zhu Lingling walked over at sat down by Deng Kai…

"Here, let me introduce Zhou Guangming, Young Master Zhou, to you. He's the heir of Tian Fu Mining." He pointed at the man beside him; he had a pointy mouth and monkey-like face.

Zhu Lingling nodded and greeted him, "Young Master Zhou."

However, what she was actually thinking was, His dad owns no more than a mining company, why did Deng Kai have to especially introduce me to him?

"Lingling, today's your lucky day, do you know who's coming?" Deng Kai asked her mysteriously.

Zhu Lingling shook her head…

"Young Master Su is coming in a bit."

"Su Yu?" Zhu Lingling was surprised.

"Yeah, Young Master Zhou and Young Master Su know each other, and it's his birthday today so he invited Young Master Su. He will be coming with Young Master Wei in a bit. You can take a photo and upload it to your WeChat friend circle. Haha, your friends will be so jealous."

The truth was, although Deng Kai was a second-generation heir, he was nothing compared to Su Yu and the others.

This was his first time seeing Su Yu in person, so he was even more excited than Zhu Lingling…

"I look forward to it." Zhu Lingling was quite curious, because she had heard a lot of rumors about Su Yu.

Zhou Guangming pervertedly looked at Zhu Lingling and smiled, "You are indeed flight attendant material. You are pretty, have fair skin and long sexy legs."

The compliment was so explicit that it made Zhu Lingling uncomfortable. She smiled awkwardly without saying anything.

As they sat there, Zhou Guangming kept on asking her to drink. Zhu Lingling's tolerance wasn't bad, so, to be polite, she drank three glasses with him.

Deng Kai, on the other hand, was playing dice with a couple of friends and completely forgot that Zhu Lingling was there.

Bored, Zhu Lingling sat in a corner and took out her phone. She sent Huo Mian a WeChat message.

"Girl, I'm at Seductive Fox, do you know who's coming later?"

"Who?" Huo Mian asked.

"Su Yu, I heard Su Yu's coming in a bit, haha. I'm nervous, but will remember to snatch a photo of him for you."

"No thanks, I'm not interested in Su Yu." Huo Mian used to look at that dude's face every day at the hospital so naturally, she wasn't interested.

Just then, Zhou Guangming shuffled up to her with a wine glass in hand, "Hey, sexy angel, do you want to play dice?"

"I don't really know how to."

"I can teach you." Then, Zhou Guangming placed his hand on Zhu Lingling smooth thigh.

Zhu Lingling immediately got up and smiled, "I'm sorry, but I need to go to the restroom."

Zhu Lingling was just about to head to the restroom when the door to the private room opened…

Everyone in the room got up at once. "Young Master Su."

It was an incredibly spectacular scene… Curious, Zhu Lingling's gaze stopped at the door.





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