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Season 4

Episode 61

(Oh She's Already Married (3)

"Yes, I'm sick of this, just approve it. You'll feel better once you don't see me anymore, don't waste your feelings."

"I've never blended private matters with professional life, are you sure that you don't want to reconsider your resignation?"

"I'm sure," Wang Tingting said with strong conviction, her voice also very determined.

Huo Mian remembered someone had once told her that Tingting was a very status-driven girl and always wanted to be promoted in the hospital.

She even slept with Deputy Director Guo to make her way up the ranks, but in the end, she was only accepted as a full-time employee.

She was very upset when Song Ling made Huo Mian the head nurse. Therefore, she had always antagonized Huo Mian.

However, after Huo Mian taught her a few lessons, she was much tamer…

Huo Mian was quite surprised when she suddenly resigned, but she didn't say anything else.

"Since you've already decided, then I'll approve it." After Huo Mian spoke, she took out a pen from her white lab coat and signed her own name onto it.

Wang Tingting impolitely took back her resignation letter, "Okay, I'll head over to the HR Department to get my last paycheck."

After Wang Tingting left, a nurse walked over and said quietly, "Head Nurse, do you know why Wang Tingting resigned?"


"She found herself a rich man."

"Huh?" Huo Mian didn't know what else to say.

"You might not know, but she seemed to have gotten her hands on the patient in room five, while she was taking care of him. She would often run over to room five during her night shift and come out looking like a mess. Everyone knows about what happened."

"Isn't the patient in room five a fifty-year-old man?" Huo Mian remembered that the man in room five seemed to have been a Thai Chinese who looked like an average Southeast Asian. He was skinny and dark-skinned and spoke improper Mandarin.

He claimed to have estates in both Thailand and Malaysia and worked in imports and exports.

"Yea, so what if he's older, as long as he's got money. That nurse who's close with Wang Tingting said that Thai guy bought a condo for her in a local community, and he even gave her an Audi TT sports car. Seems like he's planning to spoil her."

"What if that man no longer wants to be with her in the future? Has she considered a way out?" Huo Mian sighed.

None of these girls cared about anything else, as long as they had their fun for the time being.

They would never think of a way out…

Reasonably speaking, Wang Tingting's salary was already fairly high, and along with bonuses and benefits, she earned six to seven thousand every month.

Plus, South Side provided accommodation stipends and retirement insurance. If she gave up on all that, and things go downhill with that Thai guy, then all that would go to waste.

"How would she think of all that? She just wants to enjoy life one day at a time. Even if she breaks up, she would still have the house and car."

"Fine, I guess people think differently." Huo Mian no longer raised her opinion.

She wouldn't try to convince Wang Tingting otherwise since everyone had his or her own right to choose.

As Huo Mian was writing up documents in the office that afternoon, Zhu Lingling sent her a WeChat message.

"What happened that day? How long did you guys stay for afterward?"

"We left shortly after you did, no one had the appetite," replied Huo Mian.

"Is that girl really Gao Ran's girlfriend? She doesn't look so pretty."

"I thought she looked nice, she's quite cute," Huo Mian said intentionally.

"Pish, really? Your taste has always been questionable, so I find it hard to believe."

"Huh? Do I smell something sour? Are you jealous?"

"Jealous? Me? How is that possible? I wouldn't want that Gao Ran even if someone begged me to take him." Zhu Lingling fought back.

"So, you're not trying to get information out of me by sending me a WeChat message now?"

"Huo Mian, can we still hang out happily?" Zhu Lingling said reluctantly, as she noticed that her plots were seen through.

"Really, I didn't think that girl would be good for Gao Ran either, but it doesn't matter what we say, we still have to see what Gao Ran feels himself." Huo Mian calmly analyzed.

"Deng Kai came running back, wanting to get back together. He's so shameless."

"Did you agree?" Huo Mian was somewhat worried.




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