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Season 4

Episode 44

(You Won't Die If You Don't Court Death (6)

Zhou Guangming was incredibly excited to see Su Yu…

He thought Su Yu was here to encourage him, but that was not the case at all.

Su Yu didn't say anything. He walked up to the first row and sat down. Beside him was Wei Liao, in a brown leather jacket.

Huo Mian glanced at Su Yu with a complicated look on her face…

She wasn't a narcissist and didn't think that she had insane charisma, but she was sure of one thing and that was that Su Yu wasn't here for Zhou Guangming…

When Huo Mian looked over at Su Yu, Su Yu returned her gaze.

His expression was complicated too… but she didn't know what that meant.

"Hey, look at you, you should've done something to deal with this. Why go through so much trouble to come to the trial?" Wei Liao was anxious for Su Yu and thought that it wasn't his usual style.

Just them, the crowd became excited again…

To Huo Mian's surprise, Huo Siqian showed up. He was wearing a lilac shirt and, with his hands in his pockets, he slowly walked up to the audience benches.

"Hey, Young Master Huo, what a coincidence." Wei Liao was surprised to see Huo Siqian.

"Yeah, what a coincidence, you guys are here too?" Huo Siqian smiled.

He was neither late nor early, and arrived at the perfect time…

Huo Mian's expression became complicated at the sight of Huo Siqian. Over these past few years, Huo Siqian would float out of nowhere whenever she was in trouble. She was confused – was he a piece of super-sticky gum that she couldn't get rid of?

"Why is Huo Siqian here?" Zhu Lingling lowered her voice and asked.

"How should I know? But if Qin Chu finds out that he's here, he won't be pleased."

Gao Ran always knew that Qin Chu didn't like Huo Siqian, not just because of his complicated emotions towards Huo Mian.

It was also because he was overly-complicated, and often did things under the table…

"You seem to be worried about your sister," Su Yu looked at Huo Siqian and said profoundly.

"We have the same goal." Huo Siqian smiled, his expression relaxed.

Just then, Huo Mian's gaze landed on them…

Huo Siqian waved his hand and smiled at Huo Mian. "You can do it, Little Sister."

For some reason, Huo Mian always got goosebumps when Huo Siqian called her 'sister'.

Anyways, it made her feel extremely uncomfortable…

"Don't worry, she'll be fine." Su Yu opened his mouth faintly.

"I'm curious, how did you allow things to progress this far? If memory serves me right, you're courting my little sister, aren't you? Young Master Su, you are a man who wields great power, how can you stand the woman you like to be bullied thus far, huh?" Huo Siqian teased, with an interesting smile on his face.

"I wanted to help, but she wouldn't let me. Huo Mian… she has to be the weirdest person on this Earth, and one of a kind." Su Yu sighed.

If Huo Mian had agreed to let him help her, he would have made this incident disappear, and they wouldn't even have to appear in court.

However, she didn't want him to and told him up front not to interfere. He would seem overly desperate to still offer his help.

"Okay, fine, I guess that's why my little sister is so charismatic."

Huo Siqian and Su Yu engaged in some more casual chit-chat until the judge and jury slowly entered the courtroom.

"Please be quiet. I would like to invite both parties' lawyers," the judge said with a stern face.

Zhou Guangming's lawyer, Zhang Shaochang, entered first. No one was surprised to see him, because the word was already out that the Zhous spent millions to hire him to win this lawsuit.

However, when Huo Mian's lawyered entered, the entire room fell silent…

Both Huo Siqian and Gao Ran thought that it would be someone from GK's legal team, but… it wasn't.

When that grey-haired man walked into the room, the expressions on Su Yu and the others' faces all changed drastically.

Wei Liao lost his cool, "Holy sh*t, holy sh*t, am I seeing right? Is that guy...?"

Su Yu and Huo Siqian remained silent, soaked in layers of shock…

Gao Ran was also dumbfounded, "Holy mother of God, I can't believe that Qin Chu hired him."



  1. Hahaha, huo mian is definetly gonna win

  2. Who could it be? Interesting though. Thank you writer

  3. Hmmmm Interesting.
    looking forward to know the mysterious lawyer

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    Let the game begin๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ



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