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Season 4

Episode 48

(You Won't Die If You Don't Court Death (10)


After the judge nodded in approval, Zhang Shaochang's assistant handed him a USB.

Then, he handed it to the jury, and the foreman plugged it into a computer, subsequently playing the video on a projector…

It showed the frightening scene from that night…

Huo Mian held Zhou Guangming by the collar, while her other hand held tightly onto the broken beer bottle, which was pressed against Zhou Guangming's throat.

"Big Brother Zhou…" The men finally came to their senses and headed towards Huo Mian.

"Don't come near, or else he's dead." Huo Mian pressed the beer bottle even harder onto Zhou Guangming's neck.

The sharp glass immediately penetrated the skin on his neck, and he howled in pain.

"Oh sh*t this hurts, don't come near, back… back off."


After this short clip, the video came to a stop…

Zhang Shaochang cleared his throat and said, "That night was my client's birthday, and he was drinking with his friends when the defendant arrived and wreaked havoc at the party. Because of some verbal conflict, she used violence on my client. From the weapon in her hand, we can clearly see that the defendant wanted to kill my client. Therefore, my conclusion is that the defendant should be charged with attempted murder."

"Objection, Your Honor, my client Ms. Huo Mian didn't know Zhou Guangming, and had no interactions nor was she in any way related to him prior to the night of the incident. There's no motive for attempted murder here, the counsel's words aren't rightfully placed."


"Your honor, I… I object to that. I was just voicing my own conclusions, just as the defendant's lawyer did. Like him, I was providing the jury with a reference; if he could, why can't I?" Zhang Shaochang was obviously unconvinced.

He might be his mentor, but that sounded like straight up bullying.

However, Dennis Wu replied with a smile, "I did make my own conclusions, but that was just my assumption of the incident. You, however, accused my client of attempted murder without providing enough proof. Therefore, you are intentionally defaming and falsely accusing my client."

"The plaintiff's counsel needs to watch his language," the judge reminded him again.

Zhang Shaochang's expression became worse…

His mentor was extraordinarily diligent…

"Mom, our lawyer doesn't seem to be so good at his job. Can we trust him?" the Zhou Family's younger daughter, Zhou Guanghui asked anxiously.

"Who knows, I thought he was one of the best lawyers in the country. I really hope that our money didn't go to waste, or else I won't forgive him," Mrs. Zhou spat viciously.

"Okay, I apologize. Correction, I suspect that the defendant Ms. Huo Mian wanted to murder my client, and after watching this video, I believe that everyone here will be able to make their own judgments."

"Your honor, coincidentally, we also have a video. Our video is a much longer and a much more complete version of what happened. If everyone could please watch it before coming to a conclusion, that would be great."

"Bring it up." The judge nodded.

Zhang Shaochang's expression changed drastically. He walked over to Mrs. Zhou and whispered to her, "Didn't you say that the complete video was erased? How come they have a copy of it?"

"That's impossible, I spent a fortune hiring a hacker to access the Seductive Fox's security footage, steal this video, and delete the original. This wasn't supposed to happen." Mrs. Zhou was also dumbfounded.

The men working under her were very reliable, and they would never make a mistake as big as this one.

Zhou Guanghui looked at the lawyer in disdain, "My brother is definitely going to lose, all thanks to your pathetic defense. How can a lawyer like you lose to an old man like him? Your reputation is misleading."

"Miss Zhou, he's not just any other old man, please Google and read up on 'Dennis Wu'. Thanks."

"Mr. Zhang, what should we do now?" Mrs. Zhou began to panic.

"Let's watch the video first; if it's real, then we're screwed," Zhang Shaochang said, his face as pale as a ghost.



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