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Season 4

Episode 43

(You Won't Die If You Don't Court Death (5)

Huo Mian turned around to see Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling.

Did the sun come up from the wrong side today??

"Why are you guys here together? Have you gotten back together?" Huo Mian joked.

"Gotten back together my a*s, we never dated, okay? Plus… aren't you supposed to be feeling all down and depressed today? Why don't I see a speck of nervousness from you?" Gao Ran asked.

"What's coming is bound to come, smiling or crying won't change the results. Either way, this is happening, doesn't matter if I'm unhappy about it. Isn't that the case?"

"Hey, look at you, always being rational and reasonable, no wonder Qin Chu treats you like a piece of rare treasure. You should be a philosopher."

"Stop it, let's talk about the real deal." Zhu Lingling pushed Gao Ran.

Originally, Zhu Lingling didn't want to ask Gao Ran to come with her, but then she realized that without him, she couldn't even get in.

Not a lot of people were allowed into the trial today, and the provincial procuratorate was especially strict about who gets to enter.

When Zhu Lingling found out about the court date, she comforted Huo Mian for a while last night and woke up early so she could come to support her.

"Don't worry, speak the truth, and don't become agitated, or else the judge will be biased against you. Be elegant, from start to end. Anyways… you'll be fine."

Gao Ran knew Qin Chu too well; he spoiled his wife so much that he wasn't going to let anything happen to her.

He only came to show support for Huo Mian, so that she wouldn't be too stressed out.

"Hey, where's Qin Chu." Zhu Lingling looked around but didn't see Qin Chu anywhere.

"He didn't come, he went to work."

"What? He went to work? His wife's being sued, and he still has the heart to work? Seriously?"

Zhu Lingling immediately erupted upon hearing that Qin Chu wasn't here. She was furious.

"Chill, girl, I told him not to come. He's a person of special status so if he comes, people will notice. I would hate it if the Zhous took that opportunity to spread rumors."

Gao Ran nodded and knocked on Zhu Lingling's head upon hearing what Huo Mian said, "There's such a big difference between her brain and yours. What did I use to say? Huo Mian is half fox, half monkey, and you're a complete pig and donkey mix."

"Screw you." Zhu Lingling was so furious that she kicked Gao Ran in the shin.

"I'm serious, why don't you use your head and think whether it's a good idea for Qin Chu to come? If he came, things may become more serious. I can't believe you would ask such a brainless question."

He knew that Zhu Lingling was an innocent, simple girl. Huo Mian, on the hand, wasn't a scheming girl, but she was high in both IQ and EQ. Huo Mian thought about things from every angle, so Gao Ran admired how she dealt with things on a daily basis.

"It's almost time, let's head in," Huo Mian said after looking at the time on her phone.

Then, the three of them walked into the procuratorate; her trial was held in courtroom 1.

The courtroom wasn't big, but it looked solemn. Huo Mian walked up to the defendant's table and realized that her lawyer hadn't arrived yet.

She wondered what kind of lawyer Qin Chu hired to defend her.

As she was thinking, a series of footstep sounds attracted everyone's attention.

Then, exclamations were heard from the crowd...

Zhou Guangming immediately lost his cool when he saw Su Yu. He was exhilarated, "President Su, why are you here? I'm humbled by your presence. You should have contacted me earlier, and my driver could've picked you up."





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