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Season 4

Episode 67

(Oh She’s Already Married (9)

“Of course I will. If you like guys, just give mom a grandchild so the Su Family can pass on its legacy. Other than that, I don’t care who you fall in love with.”

Su Yu was speechless by his mother’s remarks…

“You really are my mom, I’m definitely not a package deal that came along with something you bought.”

“Why do you ask? Is there a girl you like?”

“Um… yeah, there is someone.”

“What does she do? How old is she? What does she look like, do you have a photo of her?” Her son’s words immediately piqued Mrs. Su’s interest.

“Mom… now’s not a good time. I’ll tell you in the future, okay?”

“You’re being so secretive. Fine, but you’re not that young anymore, stop messing around and cut ties with the female celebrities at your company, you grandfather said that no one in the entertainment industry can marry into our family.”

“I know.” Su Yu nodded.

“Do you want to sleep here tonight? I can ask someone to tidy up your room for you.”

“No, it’s okay mom, I’ll sleep back at my place.” Su Yu left in the middle of the night after sitting with his mother for a little while longer.

Talk about a hassle; the good thing was, everyone in the family was already used to Su Yu’s weird temper and actions.

The next morning –

Huo Mian was on her way to work when she received Gao Ran’s text.

“Huo Mian, are you there?”


“What is Zhu Lingling’s problem?”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“She blocked my WeChat,” Gao Ran sent, along with a crying emoji.

“Um…why?” Huo Mian had no idea why Lingling would do that.

“That’s what I wanted to know, did she have a stroke? Why would she block me?”

“Are you sure she blocked you and didn’t delete you?”

“What’s the difference?” Gao Ran sent her another crying emoji.

“If she blocked you, it means you did something to piss her off and she wants you to know that she’s rejecting your messages for now. If she deleted you, it means she’s ignoring your existence, and no longer wants anything to do with you.”

“Goddess Huo, your analysis is right on point.”

“So tell me, did she block you, or delete you?” Huo Mian put on her earphones and replied using voice message.

“She blocked me.”

“Hahaha… come on, tell me, what did you do to piss her off?”

Huo Mian was delighted to see Gao Rao in such a difficult position for once.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I didn’t do anything?”

“Not in a million years.”

“Huo Mian, let the gods be my witnesses, I really didn’t do anything. Everything was fine, the other day we even went to court together, don’t you remember?”

“Then everything changed when your girlfriend arrived.” Huo Mian added.

“Lin Xuejiao is weird, she found out where I was by following me and pretended that it was an accident. I don’t like scheming women.”

“Then that’s your problem.”

“Hey, can you ask her to unblock me?”

“Why should I help you? We’re not bros.”

“But I’m Qin Chu’s bro.”

“Yeah, then you should ask Qin Chu for help.”

“Do you have to be so mean?”

Huo Mian broke into laughter and stopped replying to him…

After a busy morning at the hospital, she called Zhu Lingling to ask her what happened between her and Gao Ran.

However, her phone was turned off; she was probably on the plane.

GK Headquarters –

After work, Qin Chu had just left the company when Gao Ran called him and asked Qin Chu to meet him for drinks.

Then, Gao Ran went straight to the pub they decided on. When Qin Chu walked in, Gao Ran had already finished an entire bottle of beer.

“What’s up?”

“It’s a long story… here’s how it began…”

“If it’s a long story, maybe I shouldn’t hear about it.”

“Damn… no wonder you and Huo Mian are married, you guys even act alike. I wanted to vent to Huo Mian today, but she was not at all helpful.” Gao Ran jumped up in fury.

“So, you’re telling me that not only are you harassing me, you also harassed my wife?” Qin Chu looked up and asked him with a deep voice.





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