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Season 4

Episode 6

(This Woman Is Too Capricious (13)

The man by the door of the private room was dressed in beige sportswear with a low V-neck shirt. His pecs were partly hidden but still obvious under the cloth, making him look incredibly sexy.

Zhu Lingling, a fan of luxury goods, immediately noticed the brand of his outfit; it was the top-tier luxurious brand, Valentino.

His outfit was also limited edition, worth at least a hundred thousand yuan… (TL note: this guy is literally wearing my car and my condo's downpayment)

Zhu Lingling was shocked…

In comparison, her boyfriend, Deng Kai's Armani outfit, being worth a couple thousand, was pathetic. (TL note: wait, then what about my H&M and American Eagle)

Then, Zhu Lingling's gaze fell on Su Yu's face; his eyes were just the right size, he had inner-double eyelids and delicate features.

She couldn't help but stare at his red lips and white teeth; was this handsome man the legendary Su Yu, known for his awful temper?

Su Yu came in with Wei Liao, Tang Chuan, and the others. They were all well-known heirs.

Four bodyguards in black followed in after them; it really was a spectacular scene…

The twenty or so people inside the private room all looked at Su Yu as if he were God.

Some went up to pour him wine, others went up to help him light up his cigarette...

Zhou Guangming put away his arrogant manners and rushed up with his head between his legs.

"Young Master Su, it's such an honor for you to come."

Su Yu faintly looked around the room, as if he was not interested in anything that was happening…

He didn't know Zhou Guangming that well, so he didn't have to be polite. He was only there because he knew Zhou Guangming's brother-in-law, Shen Ao, pretty well. Therefore, Su Yu took the time to stop by his party.

Zhou Guangming almost emptied his wallet to order some of the most expensive liquors. He handed the drinks to Su Yu, Wei Liao, and the others…

Zhu Lingling was dumbfounded…

In her trance, she secretly took a photo of the group and sent it to Huo Mian.

"Guess which one's Su Yu."

"The idiot in beige."

"Good job, Huo-lock Holmes." Zhu Lingling was impressed.

"Girl, Su Yu stayed at our hospital for so long, so I can probably recognize him even if I were blind."

"Haha, okay, I didn't think that Su Yu would be this good-looking, he looks like a Korean pop star. Gosh, I think I'm fangirling right now."

"Forget it, he's not a good person, don't get your hopes up," Huo Mian advised.

"Haha, don't worry, I'll just fangirl from afar. Ordinary girls like us can't handle men like Su Yu."

"It's good that you know. It's late, you should go home soon. Don't stay too late."

Huo Mian didn't think it was safe for girls to stay too late at nightclubs. Therefore, she tried to talk Zhu Lingling into going home.

"Don't worry about it. I'll go home with my boyfriend in a bit," Zhu Lingling replied.

Qin Chu was working overtime; he was still tied up at a conference in the neighboring city. Therefore, after Huo Mian replied to Zhu Lingling, she went back to sleep.

Zhu Lingling thought that once she and Deng Kai wished Mr. Zhou a happy birthday, they would be able to leave.

However, what happened next was completely out of her imagination, and impossible for her to deal with.

After Zhou Guangming blew out his birthday candles, the entire room went crazy, and all the girls took off their tops, showing their breasts…

It was too over-the-top and too much for Zhu Lingling.

Music blasted in the room, paired with the screams of men and women. Most of the men brought dates, and those who didn't were accompanied by the nightclub's escorts. It was chaotic.

Zhu Lingling liked nightclubs and being young and stupid, but she was a proper girl who knew what to do and what not to do.

Therefore, when she saw all this, she immediately felt repelled…

She went up and grabbed Deng Kai's hand. Just as she was about to ask him if they could leave, she saw Zhou Guangming walk up to them.

"Deng Kai, what's with your girl, why is her top still on?" Zhou Guangming stared at Zhu Lingling with a devilish smile.

"Oh, she's a little shy and hasn't done stuff like this before." Deng Kai laughed dryly.

"She'll get used to it. Get your flight attendant to join, and we'll all have some fun."





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