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Season 4

Episode 57

(Young Master Su’s Declaration of War (9)

"It's your turn, honey." Qin Chu gently smiled, but Huo Mian had a feeling that his smile was just a sugar-coated trap.

It may have been because of the distraction or her lack of strength, but Huo Mian's cloth bag didn't hit anything.

When it was Qin Chu's turn, he landed a hit once again, and this time it was a Spongebob plushie.

They were all Huo Mian's favorite toys, but she just couldn't bring herself to feel happy, because she thought she was going to lose.

Soon, the ten cloth bags were gone, and Qin Chu got all five of his targets.

Huo Mian only hit two, so the result was obvious…

"You lost, so when we get home…" Huo Mian knew what Qin Chu wanted before he even finished his sentence.

"Um… how about we play to the best of three?" Huo Mian suggested, her mind spinning quickly.

"No." After speaking, Mr. Qin proudly walked away.

Huo Mian jogged after him, looking very cute holding seven stuffed toys in her hands.

"Honey, I'm so hungry, what do you want to eat? Let's go get some street food here where it's authentic."

"We'll get whatever you like." When Qin Chu turned around, he caringly took the toys from Huo Mian's hands and fixed her bangs for her.

"How about sour and spicy vermicelli? It's super tasty when you pair it with multi-layered steamed bread," Huo Mian expressively said.


It was like no matter what requests she posed, Qin Chu would satisfy her and never go against her wishes.

Huo Mian believed that the reason why they rarely fought was that Qin Chu agreed with her on most things.

He wouldn't purposefully challenge her because of small, everyday details like that.

The two sat in front of a stall with two bowls of spicy and sour vermicelli and two servings of multi-layered steamed bread in front of them.

"Let's begin." Huo Mian rubbed the chopsticks with her small hands and began slurping the noodles in big bites.

Qin Chu held up his chopsticks, lowered his head, and ate in an orderly fashion.

To be frank, he had almost never eaten food from street vendors, because he thought they were unsanitary.

However, if Huo Mian liked it, he would eat it with her even if he knew he would get diarrhea…

Gao Ran once said that his love for Huo Mian wasn't just a normal one between a husband and wife, it was a love of pampering and indulgence.

Even if Huo Mian committed murder or arson, Qin Chu would still say that he supported his wife, no matter what she did.

It was a love that was blind…

Every time Gao Ran says something like that, Qin Chu would ask him, "How many time in a person's life would they meet someone who they can love so blindly and indulgently? That is why I have to cherish her."

He wasn't wrong, there were so many people in the world and not many could find someone they were crazy about and was worth sacrificing everything for.

Thus, Qin Chu thought that Huo Mian was Heaven's gift to him, and he would never squander this hard-fought love between them.

"Is it good?" as Huo Mian ate, she raised her head to ask.

"Mhm." Qin Chu nodded.

"If it's good, you should eat more."

"They put too much chili in mine, I want some of yours," looking at Huo Mian's bowl, Qin Chu said with puppy eyes.

Huo Mian didn't think twice before feeding Qin Chu a bite of sour and spicy vermicelli. Her actions were extremely affectionate.

Qin Chu carefully moved in, catching Huo Mian's vermicelli with his mouth, his expression immediately filled with happiness.

When he was in the United States, he never thought that this day would happen one day.

On such a simple evening, he never thought that he would be walking through the bustling city with Huo Mian, wearing matching couple outfits and having Huo Mian feed him sour and spicy vermicelli. It was like a beautiful dream that was both elating and unrealistic.

At that moment, Qin Chu zoned out with an entranced look on his face…

"What's wrong?" Huo Mian asked, a little puzzled.





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