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Season 4

Episode 47

(You Won't Die If You Don't Court Death (9)

"But from what my client recalls, he didn't do anything to Zhu Lingling other than drink a glass of wine with her. Ms. Huo, aren't you framing my client so to find an excuse for using a bottle to injure him?"

"I didn't frame him, that's the truth," Huo Mian objected.

"What truth? The truth that you stabbed my client?"

Huo Mian was speechless; she felt terrible at how aggressive the lawyer was being...

Huo Mian knew that she couldn't say everything or speak too much. Or else, the opposing party's lawyer may find a loophole in her words.

"If the plaintiff's counsel has finished his cross-examination, the defendant's counsel may now cross-examine the plaintiff."

However, Dennis Wu didn't even leave his table. He said to the judge, "I'll like to waive that right because I don't think he'll tell the truth anyway, so if I could please make a statement instead."

"Sure, the defendant's lawyer can make a statement." The judge waved his hand in approval.

"According to the information on hand, my client, Ms. Huo Mian is a person of stellar reputation and character. She went out of her way twice to save patients against hospital regulations and was recognized by the higher-ups at her hospital. A person like her would never stab someone she doesn't even know. There's always a cause to an action, so I believe that the plaintiff must have done something unforgivable, which agitated my client. My client's radical actions were an attempt to protect herself. After all, the twenty or so people at the location were all friends of the plaintiff. Aside from Ms. Zhu Lingling, who was drunk and unconscious at the time, my client was all alone. Under such circumstances, I have to say that the plaintiff only sustained injuries because he left my client with no choice. Therefore, my conclusion is that the plaintiff is hiding what actually happened that night, and attempting to push all the blame and responsibility to my client."

"Objection, the defendant's counsel's statements are all just assumptions, nothing has been proven. We can't make that conclusion." Zhang Shaochang was a little anxious.

Dennis Wu smiled. "I said that it's 'my conclusion', something that the judge and jury can use as a reference. Don't be so nervous."

"Overruled." The judge, thinking that Dennis Wu had a point, immediately overruled Zhang Shaochang's objection.

When he saw what was obviously happening, Wei Liao took out a piece of gum and said, "The Zhous are making a fool out of themselves, basically shooting themselves in the foot. Like that saying goes: 'You won't die if you don't court death'. Why did he have to sue her? I bet they're dumbfounded now that they've seen Dennis Wu."

"I don't think the Zhous know who Dennis Wu is," Su Yu said calmly.

"Of course they don't, the Zhous are overnight millionaires, they only recognize money. It's okay for them to not be in their right mind, but is Zhang Shaochang's head sewed onto his a*s? As a domestically renowned attorney, how can he not recognize his own teacher?"

"Zhang Shaochang probably has to heart to die right now, he seems really nervous so there are a lot of flaws in his reasoning which enabled Dennis Wu to easily catch his shortcomings. I think we can reserve a restaurant now, we can go to lunch soon." Huo Siqian smiled.

"I'm curious, who hired Ms. Huo's lawyer? Don't tell me it's you." Wei Liao smiled lightly at Huo Siqian.

"I'm not that powerful; Dennis Wu isn't someone that anyone with money can hire. Why don't you ask Mr. Su here?"

"Can't be him, hiring an attorney isn't his style. If he wanted to do something, the Zhous would go bankrupt in three days, and they won't have the time to stand in court like this. Exterminating the source of the trouble seems more like Mr. Su's style," Wei Liao teased.

However, Su Yu was still silent…

He knew the outcomes of the trial; Huo Mian was going to be fine. Yet, he didn't feel happy.

He faintly had the feeling that if he ever wanted to date Huo Mian, he would have to fight off her powerful boyfriend.

Her boyfriend was someone who could hire Dennis Wu, he wouldn't be easy to deal with.

Zhang Shaochang noticed that he was losing and became so anxious that he began sweating.

Worried, he quickly said, "Your honor, we would like to provide an important video clip."





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