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Season 4

Episode 10

(A Little Too Much Fun (2)

Su Yu didn't respond. Instead, he stared at Huo Mian's beautiful face, his eyes deep with thought. Yet, no one knew what he was thinking.

Huo Mian left home in a rush, and the winds were pretty strong tonight, so she only wore a casual outfit.

Black and white were such boring colors, yet the outfit looked like that of a socialite on her. He had to admit that not everyone had Huo Mian's aura.

Her hair was tied up in a simple ponytail, which made her look young and cute.

Her outfit was indeed boring, but since it was an emergency, she randomly threw some clothes on wasn't even thinking about how she looked.

However, Su Yu loved looking at her…

He thought that Huo Mian looked especially pretty tonight…

In reality, it was because Su Yu fell for her, so even if Huo Mian came in wearing a garbage bag, he would still find her pretty.

That's the beauty of the saying, 'love is blind'.

"Little girl, stop fighting it. Be a good obedient little girl and come here before you piss me off. If you don't… you'll regret it."

Zhou Guangming's patience was still there, so he called her 'little girl'. Huo Mian was disgusted.

If she wasn't carrying Zhu Lingling, she would've kicked that gross a*shole to the curb.

He was just nauseating to her.

If someone like him was admitted to South Side, she would poke him with a needle until he became disabled, no mercy given.

"You can't do anything to me. If you do, you'll regret it. Now get the hell out of my way."

Huo Mian, unwilling to waste any more time, spat out her final warning…

"Hey, little cutie, are you angry? I'd like to know what regret feels like."

To Zhou Guangming, this was Huo Mian's last attempt at struggling. It was not worth getting scared over.

Rather, it sparked his urge to conquer.

Then, Zhou Guangming took off his t-shirt, revealing his upper body.

"Hey, Young Master Zhou's gonna have some fun now," someone in the crowd cheered him on.

Then, some began to clap, while others whistled. It was as if they are at the zoo, watching monkeys.

Huo Mian despised this; she already had a plan in mind and wanted to quickly end this standoff.

Wei Liao began losing his cool because he noticed that Su Yu had no intention of interfering.

That wasn't right.

Wasn't this the perfect time to come out and save the princess? Then, wasn't the princess supposed to express her gratitude and then fall in love with him?

Weren't TV scripts all written that way?

Finally, Wei Liao couldn't help but remind him, "Su Yu, aren't you going to go help her? Soon it'll be too late; Zhou Guangming's way of playing with girls is brutal, can you stand the girl you like being treated that way?"

Su Yu glanced coldly at Wei Liao and replied with question of his own, "If you're that anxious, why don't you save her?"

Wei Liao didn't know what to say.

The truth was, Su Yu did want to help her, but he was waiting for the right time.

He wanted to wait until Huo Mian asked for his help; he wasn't about to run over and help her before she even opened her mouth.

That wasn't Su Yu's style…

All he wanted was some kind of signal from Huo Mian, as little as a glance his way; then, he would gladly punish that pervert Zhou Guangming.

Sadly, Huo Mian was super calm, and she had absolutely no intention of signaling for help.

When she glanced around the room and saw him, she looked at him like he was a stranger to her; her eyes didn't even linger on him.

Su Yu was aware of Huo Mian's guts, but he was surprised at how cocky she was being at a time like this.

She peaked his interest; he wanted to know how Huo Mian, a girl on her own, was going to escape from a pack of wolves.

After Zhou Guangming took off his top, he closed in on Huo Mian.

A perverted smile appeared on his face. "Little girl, come to daddy."

Huo Mian, on the other hand, smiled faintly…





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