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Season 4

Episode 37

(A Standoff Between Money and Power (9)

"How is this possible? Why are you here?" Zhu Lingling screamed.

"How would I know? I was just about to ask you the same question!"

Gao Ran was also stunned… He drank too much the night before so he didn't remember much either.

He only remembered parts of the night; he knew that they went out to eat and drink, and that she was in a bad mood…

But how did they end up in a hotel together? Even worse, they were both [email protected]…

Zhu Lingling looked down at her body, she wasn't even wearing her underwear…

This is crazy…

"Gao Ran, you f*cking pervert, you took advantage of me…"

"Miss, if I were to take advantage of anyone, it wouldn't be someone like you, okay?"

"Bullsh*t, I am so pretty, you must've lusted after me and planned this for a long time. I was wondering why you would invite me to dinner out of nowhere, you are so despicable."

"Miss, to tell you the truth, if I wanted to sleep with you, I would've done it a long time ago. I wouldn't wait until you're old and battered as you are."

"Who are you calling old and battered?" Zhu Lingling raised her hand up to hit Gao Ran.

But she felt a cold breeze in her lower region; she had almost exposed herself...

She immediately pulled up the blanket to cover herself, but she used too much force and pulled all of the covers over to her side.

Gao Ran was left completely naked…

"Do you have a heart? Couldn't you have left me some of the covers? I'm not wearing any clothes too."

"No one wants to look at you."

"I want to look at myself, okay?"

Gao Ran was also speechless...

Neither of them knew that the police officers had taken off Gao Ran's clothes. They also asked a female staff at the hotel to take off Zhu Lingling's.

Their intentions were to create an opportunity for them, but Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were both so drunk that nothing happened.

"We… Nothing happened last night, right?" Zhu Lingling felt like crying as she looked at Gao Ran.

"God bless me, I hope nothing happened." Gao Ran put his hands together.

"What do you mean?" Zhu Lingling was angered by the way Gao Ran was acting; he seemed to be even more opposed to the idea than she was.

"Calm down, as a senior police officer, I don't think anything happened last night. First of all, we don't have any hickeys or any… mysterious fluids on us."

Upon hearing Gao Ran's words, Zhu Lingling looked down at her body and saw that neither he nor she had any marks on them.

"Secondly, there's no condom on the ground or in the garbage bin."

Zhu Lingling's expression darkened, how could he even think of that?

"Thirdly, a normal man who was as drunk as I was last night wouldn't be able to get it up even if he took Super Viagra Ultra-Plus. So, we can conclude that nothing happened between us."

Zhu Lingling pondered for a moment and thought that his words made sense. Plus, her body felt normal.

When he saw Zhu Lingling's silence, Gao Ran said, "If you don't believe me, we can go to the hospital. You can do a check-up and see if there's any… um, you know, in your body. If there is, I will take responsibility. I won't take advantage of you."

"How are you going to take responsibility? Are you going to marry me?"

Gao Ran fell silent… He had never thought about marriage, it was too sudden.

"Whatever, I don't care what happened last night, but let's pretend nothing happened."

After speaking, Zhu Lingling pulled over her clothes and started to dress while still under the covers.

The two walked out of the hotel one after another, both of them looking really awkward.

When Gao Ran returned to the bureau, two little police officers smiled at Gao Ran mysteriously and asked, "Boss, did you have a good night?"

"Good night?" Gao Ran was taken aback.

"Last night you drunk called 911 for a designated driver. When we got there, we saw you flirting with a girl so we brought you guys to a hotel and helped take off your clothes. Of course, a female staff member took off your date's clothes."

"Oh, so it was you guys."

"Yup, you don't need to thank us. You can call us Robinhood."

"Very well, you two [email protected] Robinhood, you two must stay back until 8 PM for work every day this month, or you won't get your pay."

After speaking, Gao Ran walked away…

The two little police officers were stunned, "Did our Boss just repay our kindness with enmity?"

It was still early morning and Huo Mian, who was on her way to work, began casually chatting with Zhu Lingling on WeChat.

Zhu Lingling was worried about the lawsuit.

Just then, a black Lamborghini appeared before Huo Mian. She immediately slammed the brakes. Thankfully, it was just a false alarm.

She hung up her phone and was just about to bash the bastard who didn't know how to drive when she saw Su Yu, fully dressed in white, walk out of the Lamborghini.





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