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Season 4

Episode 19

(Her Husband Is the Boss (1)

Upon hearing Huo Mian's words, Qin Chu stopped in his tracks...

"Don't you think that you're being a little unreasonable?" with her cheeks puffed, Huo Mian angrily asked.

"Shouldn't I be the one saying that?" Qin Chu turned his head and stared Huo Mian down.

"Please… don't beat around the bush, if you have something to say, just say it, or it feels really weird, don't you think?"

Huo Mian didn't like being ignored by Qin Chu; that feeling was extremely unpleasant.

Seeing her ask, Qin Chu turned around and walked down the stairs.

He walked up to Huo Mian and looked at her for a whole three seconds.

"Good, then let me ask you again, where were you last night and what happened? Answer me when you're ready."

Hearing Qin Chu bringing up what had happened last night gave Huo Mian a bad feeling.

Qin Chu's gaze was especially sharp, so Huo Mian assumed that he found out.

So as a test, she meekly mumbled, "I didn't mean for last night to happen."

"But it still happened, right?"

"Did Lingling tell you?" Huo Mian assumed that Zhu Lingling would be the only one to tell Qin Chu about it.

"I don't need her to tell me, I obviously have my own sources. But, how could you not tell me something as big as this, do you not treat me as your husband? Or am I just a household decoration to you?"

It was clear from listening to Qin Chu's words that he was angry...

The thing that infuriated him the most was that Huo Mian always did her own thing and hid secrets from him.

He was so worried about her, but she refused to tell him anything.

As expected, Qin Chu found out about everything, biting her lips, Huo Mian pondered.

At last, she decided to tell Qin Chu everything that happened. She grabbed Qin Chu's hand and pulled him down onto the couch.

She briefly explained what happened last night, leaving out some details.

But what she didn't know was, Qin Chu had already seen the video. How could he still not be aware of everything that happened?

"That's everything, I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry. Also… I came back safely, didn't I?"

"Next time when you're in trouble, talk to me first."

"You were on a business trip in the neighboring city, right? Driving back wouldn't have been fast enough. Lingling was in grave danger, and I acted in a hurry." Huo Mian looked for excuses.

"I wasn't in the city, but I could have used my connections. Although I recently returned to the country, I am still the president of GK. Your husband is a boss, not a wimp. We've known each other for so long, why do you not trust me?"

Qin Chu frowned and demanded...

"I was wrong." Huo Mian finally lowered her head.

"About what?"

"I shouldn't have kept all of this from you, I should have told you last night."

"No, you should've told me as soon as Zhu Lingling sent you that WeChat. I would've arranged everything and not let you face danger alone," Qin Chu added.

"Yes, yes, yes, everything you're saying is right." Huo Mian nodded.

She was afraid to be lectured by Qin Chu...

"You only know how to lay me off, you say that everytime, and then make the same mistake every time." This time, Qin Chu wasn't going to go easy on her.

Realizing that she was about to be lectured again, Huo Mian immediately coughed a few times...

"Ahem… ahem, sorry, ahem, I know that, ahem, I made a mistake. Ahem ahem, next time… ahem, I'll be careful." Huo Mian's sentence sounded choppy because of the coughing.

She held her chest and appeared to be in pain.

Of course, once he saw her like this, Qin Chu immediately became worried and patted her back gently. He softly said, "See? Now, you've got a cold."





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