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Season 4

Episode 21

(Her Husband Is the Boss (3)

"That's right, is there a problem?" Huo Mian said as she finally raised her head and stared Huo Zhenghai down.

"There's no problem. I also heard that Su Yu favored you."

"What about it? Is that any of your business?" Huo Mian asked back, not leaving any negotiating room.

"Child, calm down. I thought that… if you liked Su Yu too, I can help you out. I can let you back into the Huo Family and give you the same status as Yanyan. Then, maybe the Su Family will easily accept you."

"If we get engaged, you can then rightfully use the Su Family's powers to help you expand your business empire, solidify your ambitions, promote your biological son and daughter, and please your mistress, isn't that right?" Huo Mian exposed Huo Zhenghai's intentions for him right away.

Seeing Huo Mian's fast reaction stunned Huo Zhenghai for a second, it was as if he didn't expect Huo Mian to see everything thoroughly.

"How could you think of me that way?"

"How else should I think?" Huo Mian crossed her arms around her chest and looked at him coldly.

"I know… I know that after all these years, you have become prejudiced against me. I don't blame you, really. I'm only trying to help you because, with your current status, there's no way the Su people will let you into their family."

"That's funny, why would I want to enter the Su Family?"

"Don't you like Su Yu?" Huo Zhenghai asked.

"Which god told you that I liked Su Yu? It's as if everything was of your own presumptuous speculation."

"Don't you know who Su Yu is? He's a man who every woman desires, a gift from God," Huo Zhenghai stated Su Yu's prestigious status, trying to make Huo Mian see the truth.

"Ha… that's unlucky, it just so happens that I am a woman who does not dream of Su Yu."

"Mian… don't be so stubborn. You should be honored that Su Yu likes you. You know that, right?"

"I know what you're thinking about, you wish that he liked Huo Yanyan, but it sucks that he doesn't, right?" Huo Mian hit the crucial point with one sentence.

Seeing Huo Mian's animosity, Huo Zhenghai decided to take a more gentle approach...

With a loving tone, he said, "In my heart, you're the same as Yanyan. I'll be happy no matter who marries into the Su Family."

"Don't you think that it's funny to say such contradictory words? I feel like laughing just listening to you. How could I ever be the same as Huo Yanyan? She has been a socialite for more than twenty years, and I've been 'blessed with' the burden of being your illegitimate daughter for about the same time. Huo Yanyan and I are completely different, whether it's status, fame, or prestige. Mr. Huo, even though I graduated from a third-rate university, don't sell me short because of my education."

After quarreling with Huo Mian, he had not gained a cent's worth of advantage...

Huo Zhenghai was completely dumbfounded...

"Anyways, just consider this opportunity. If you need status, come to me anytime. Even though you stated your leave from the Huo Family, it won't change the fact that I am your father."

"You sure are upfront now. Where were you twenty years ago?" Huo Mian rolled her eyes at Huo Zhenghai.

Huo Zhenghai was at a loss for words.

After Huo Mian rendered him speechless, he got up and left. He had made himself very clear.

If Huo Mian really wanted to come back to him, he would welcome her with open arms.

Of course, he didn't really want Huo Mian to return to the Huo Family. Getting this daughter back was just a step in getting close to Su Yu, the money tree.

If the Su Family and his became one, then the Huo Corporation would probably stand strong for at least another century...

On his way back, Huo Zhenghai lightly sighed...

"Director, what's putting you in your bad mood?" His chauffeur was an old man who had been with Huo Zhenghai for years.

After Jing De betrayed him and left with Yang Meirong, Huo Zhenghai hired his current chauffeur, who also became his confidant.

"I was thinking how great it would've been if Yanyan had even half of Huo Mian's wits."

Huo Zhenghai had seen countless people, and through the few times he had interacted with Huo Mian, he sensed her terrifying intellect.

That outwardly warm and gentle girl had both a high IQ and a high EQ, and no one could get the high ground confronting her.

No matter what intentions you held, you would return defeated.

If Huo Yanyan had half of Huo Mian's qualities, that adopted son, Huo Siqian, wouldn't be as arrogant now, right?

- Inside a high-class social club in the city -

Su Yu was sitting with Wei Liao and some others, playing cards. Suddenly, Zhao Qingya walked in and sat down beside Su Yu.

Tears circled her eyes, making her look like she was wronged.

"Oh, what's with our favorite actress? What happened?" Across Su Yu, Tang Chuan, a close friend of Su Yu's, teased with a smile on his face.





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