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Season 4

Episode 17

(A Little Too Much Fun (9)

"It came out of Su Yu's own mouth, is that real enough for you?" Huo Siqian smiled mysteriously.

Huo Zhenghai was officially stunned, because he knew Huo Siqian was not someone to release misleading information just for the sake of it, especially when talking to him.

If Su Yu was really interested in Huo Mian....

"That's a very good thing then! Glorious days are ahead for our family!" Huo Zhenghai nodded contently.

"Honey, don't be too happy too soon. The girl had already publicly announced that she is no longer associated with us. We might not be able to profit from her through association," Shen Jiani reminded.

"So? She is still a seed of the Huo family. If this information is accurate, then I will find a way to contact the Su family. If they want to have a respectable wedding, then I am the only one who can provide her the righteous royal identity for marriage."

The room fell silent after Huo Zhenghai finished speaking...

Everyone had their own ax to grind. Even Jiang Hong, who remained silent, was calculating.

But, Shen Jiani knew that regardless of what Huo Zhenghai decided on, it would always be in the best interest of her son and daughter.

Huo Siqian wanted to chuckle after hearing what his father said.

He also very much wanted to ask him if he was overthinking it.

How could his mind automatically move onto marriage already? Of course, none of them knew that Huo Mian was already with Qin Chu.

Huo Siqian was the only person who knew about their secret, just like years ago, when they were still in school.

He always paid too much attention to Huo Mian, so he was always the first to find out about her secrets.

Zhu Lingling napped for the entire day. In the afternoon, she showered, changed, and was in the midst of going out before Deng Kai's call came in. She had just turned on her phone.

Deng Kai asked her to meet him downstairs, and Zhu Lingling gladly went.

It was, after all, broad daylight. Nothing could possibly happen, and it was just below where she lived.

Deng Kai waited for her in a Prado Land Cruiser. Without a word, Zhu Lingling went up and slapped him across the face.

Just like Huo Mian, the slap was crisply delivered...

"You scumbag. Here's a slap for you, we're over."

Zhu Lingling turned on her heel to leave...

"Lingling, wait."

"There's nothing else you can say, it's not going to work between us." Zhu Lingling thought Deng Kai wanted to get back together with her.

"I'm not here to ask for forgiveness, I'm here to advise you and your friend to pack your things and get out of here."

"What do you mean by that? You won't allow us to live in this city just because I dumped you?" Zhu Lingling turned back and glared at Deng Kai viciously.

"It's not me, it's Young Master Zhou. He already gave out the word that he won't let you guys go easily. From what I know, he will look for his revenge soon. What your friend did to him last night had angered the entire Zhou Family."

"What did my friend do?" Zhu Lingling was a little stunned.

"Did she not tell you she almost killed Zhou Guangming just to take you home?" Deng Kai looked at Zhu Lingling profoundly and asked her.

"Almost killed Zhou Guangming?" Zhu Lingling was dumbstruck.

Why didn't Huo Mian mention that something this big happened?

Out of anger, Zhu Lingling grabbed Deng Kai by the collar and shouted, "Tell me what happened last night."

Zhu Lingling's face went from a shade of pale white to dark, and then purple after Deng Kai illustrated exactly what had happened last night...

Huo Mian went there all alone, rescued her, and almost killed somebody.

Qin Chu wasn't there, Huo Mian went looking for her all alone...

Holy sh*t, what did she get herself into, and she also dragged Huo Mian into this mess too!

Seeing Zhu Lingling completely dumbstruck, Deng Kai continued, "Nevertheless, you were once my girlfriend. I never thought about marrying you, but I wasn't just fooling around with you either. Based on how long we've been going out, I would really advise you guys to get out of here. You should ask your parents to move too, or else they won't be able to escape blame either. Young Master Zhou is still hospitalized, he will seek revenge as soon as he is out, and you guys will be screwed."

"What the f*ck is wrong with this world? We're the victims, and we need to run?" Zhu Lingling swore.

"What choice do you have? It's a world for the rich, and whoever is more powerful is the big daddy. The Zhou Family is very big and powerful, and they have all the money in the world. They can hire a professional assassin and kill your entire family in a matter of minutes. I'm not trying to scare you, but that friend of yours, she will be met with a fate worse than yours."

Zhu Lingling calmed herself down a little after Deng Kai left. Then, she gave Huo Mian a call.

"Hey, you're sober now?" Huo Mian chuckled as if nothing was wrong.

"Girl, why didn't you tell me the truth about last night?" Unlike her usual self, Zhu Lingling's tone sounded extremely grave.





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