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Season 4

Episode 13

(A Little Too Much Fun (5)

"Young Master Su…" The others didn't understand why Su Yu, who had been spectating all this time without making a noise, chose now to suddenly open his mouth.

"Don't ask why, if Young Master Su says don't go, then you're not going. If you want to piss off Young Master Su, you'll have to pay the price." Wei Liao smiled as he stood up.

Although Zhou Guangming was unwilling to let this go, he didn't have the guts to disobey Su Yu, so he had no choice but to swallow his anger.

After Huo Mian left, Su Yu lost the mood to stay as well, so he stood up to leave.

A few dozens followed after him…

Seeing Su Yu leave the room, Huo Yanyan immediately went up to him.

"Young Master Su… I was thinking…" Huo Yanyan ran up bravely to block Su Yu's path.

Her parrot outfit was especially eye-catching; this was her attempt to make Su Yu notice her.

Some damned individual had spread rumors that Su Yu had extreme fetishes. (TL: Lol, why do I feel like it was Tang Chuan and Wei Liao doing it for fun)

Apparently, he liked weird stuff that was out of place, because it felt like a breath of fresh air.

Therefore, Huo Yanyan spent a fortune on a stylist, so that she could copy off the mother of visual experimentation, Lady Gaga.

However, she was just blindly imitating her, because Lady Gaga's style had always been that way. However, her dressing up like that all of a sudden was way over-the-top.

Why did a woman like that have to ruin herself …

No wonder Huo Siqian once labeled Huo Yanyan as 'a brainless oaf with big breasts'.

"F*ck off." Su Yu relentlessly reached out and pushed Huo Yanyan off to the side.

Just now, Huo Yanyan was egging Zhou Guangming on; Su Yu hadn't even made her pay for what she did yet.

Thank goodness Huo Mian was alright; if she was hurt because of Huo Yanyan, Su Yu would immediately cut off her tongue.

That big-mouthed woman…

After Su Yu pushed Huo Yanyan aside, he got into his black Lamborghini.

Wei Liao got onto the passenger seat.

"Where are we going now? To find your girl?" Wei Liao smiled.

Su Yu didn't answer; instead, he stepped on the gas pedal, and the car sped away with a 'swoosh'.


The speed scared Wei Liao…

He knew what Su Yu was thinking about; however, he couldn't tell for sure, because Su Yu was a fickle man.

Huo Mian drove her car all the way to Lingling's parents' home. She wanted to drop Lingling off at Lingling's own apartment but was afraid that those people would come looking for revenge.

After all, Lingling's asshole boyfriend knew where she lived…

When they passed by a pharmacy, she bought some hangover medicine and fed it to Lingling.

When she dropped her off at her parents', all Huo Mian said was that Lingling was drunk.

Her parents were aware that Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling were good friends, so they didn't suspect a thing.

Huo Mian watched Zhu Lingling for a while, and she didn't leave until she was sure that Lingling was asleep and stable.

On her way back home, she was careful; she knew that those people weren't easy to deal with, and it was possible for them to tail her in the middle of the night to seek revenge. Things seemed to be peaceful, but the more peaceful they were, the more worried she became.

Truth be told, she was extremely nervous just now. Thank goodness Zhou Guangming admitted defeat; or else, was she really going to be forced to kill him?

Of course not, she wasn't that stupid. She didn't want to receive a death penalty for murder. All she thought was that when things came to it, Su Yu wasn't going to just stand there and do nothing, right?

However, if she could, she wanted to deal with things herself. Huo Mian didn't want to owe anyone a favor, especially Su Yu, since was aware of how he felt towards her.

She didn't know if his feelings were genuine, or if he was just fooling around. But he did kind of like her.

However, she didn't care, because Qin Chu was enough to fill her entire heart up…

It was already 2:30 AM when Huo Mian got home.

After she went in, she saw that the lights in the living room were dimly lit, and Qin Chu was sitting there, with his jacket on, smoking a cigarette.

"You're back." Huo Mian felt reassured by Qin Chu's presence.

"Where were you?" Qin Chu looked up, his expression complicated as he looked at her.





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