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Season 4

Episode 59

(Oh She's Already Married (1)

It was rare for Su Yu to be in such a bad mood. Ever since he was a little boy, he had gotten everything he wanted.

The Su Family spoiled their only child, not letting him suffer even a single bit of wrongdoing.

However, Su Yu wasn't like Zhou Guangming who used his powers to oppress others and do whatever he wanted.

Most of the time, he hooked up with girls, made money, and drank with his bros. He thought he would live this way until he died.

That was until Huo Mian showed up in his life and completely disrupted the peace...

Huo Mian did not have breathtaking beauty, nor a hot body, nor a gentle temper, but she somehow moved Su Yu's heart.

He thought that no matter how hard to get Huo Mian was, she would soon be his. He never thought that the path would be never-ending...

Now that he was discharged from the recuperation center, he couldn't even see Huo Mian whenever he wanted to anymore.

He wasn't the stubborn type that would glue himself onto the girl, so he refused to go looking for her at the recuperation center, nor would he call her out of the blue.

Huo Mian's attitude was pretty upfront; she didn't add his WeChat and wouldn't answer his calls. Even when they were to meet face to face, she still didn't seem enthusiastic.

She always kept him at a distance...

At first, he thought that this girl was intentionally playing hard to get, and later, he believed that Huo Mian's personality was naturally cold.

And then after that, he found out that someone already occupied Huo Mian's heart, and it was that secret boyfriend.

When he found out that the person was Qin Chu, he was surprised but did not back down. He even confronted Qin Chu at the restaurant and declared war on him...

However, today, when he saw Huo Mian and Qin Chu together with his own eyes, their happiness gave rise to a strong sense of defeat in Su Yu's heart.

That warm smile was something Huo Mian never showed him...

It was finally clear that she really didn't like him and didn't want anything to do with him.

However, the most important thing was that he hadn't discovered any information when he was investigating Huo Mian before. But now, his people were able to uncover everything.

His men faltered when reporting their findings, and after their report, Su Yu's feelings turned as sour like a lime.

"The people I sent found out today that… Huo Mian and Qin Chu… are husband and wife." After speaking, Su Yu raised his glass and drank a mouthful of wine. It was obvious how depressed he was at that moment.

Wei Liao's face changed after hearing the news...

He would never have thought that things would turn out like this as well...

He had just found out that Qin Chu was the man behind Huo Mian and now about them being husband and wife. This was simply too shocking.

"Uh… when did they get married? Why doesn't the press know?" Wei Liao remembered clearly that GK's Qin Chu had just returned to the country too not long ago. When he took over GK, media outlets discreetly reported it for a few days. But, he didn't hear anything about a wedding.

Qin Chu was an only child, so if he were to get married, wouldn't the Qin Family hold a giant ceremony?

What was going on?

"There was no reception, but they already got their marriage certificate. It was about three months ago." Su Yu's eyes were bloodshot.

"Uh… If that's true, I think you should give up now, as… they're already married, so if you butt in, you are going to be the third person. It's a question of your morals."

Wei Liao used to think that if Huo Mian only had a boyfriend, so it would be fine for Su Yu to keep courting her, as it was normal for girls to have many suitors.

As long as she wasn't married, nothing was set in stone...

However, it turns out she was already married, and it would be pointless for Su Yu to keep going after her. Somebody with Young Master Su's status cannot do anything out of line.

Su Yu's silence made Wei Liao continue to comfort him, "Think bigger, Big Boy Su. There are so many women in the world, you don't have to steal Qin Chu's, right?"

With a bang, Su Yu threw his wine glass onto the coffee table, and said, word for word, "I've never fallen for anyone in my life, and this time, I don't plan on giving up."



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