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Season 3

Episode 97

(This Woman Is Too Capricious (4)

No matter how arrogant Qin Chu was, his heart would immediately melt when Huo Mian called him 'honey' and looked at him coquettishly.

Finally, with Qin Chu's silent approval, Huo Mian shuffled over and handed the microphone to him.

Gao Ran already put the song in the lineup, and a familiar melody sounded…

Silence is Gold was one of Qin Chu and Huo Mian's favorite Cantonese songs back in high school.

Not only because Leslie Cheung had a great singing voice, but also because the lyrics were beautiful.

Qin Chu's low and slightly raspy voice sounded over the system, " In fate it was already decided that you be rich or poor, what is false will never be true; the truth is always true.

Whatever you say, I'll be responsible for my own duties. I will always believe that silence is gold.

There is justice to what is right and wrong. Be careful in speaking so not to offend others.

When you're faced with cold storms, don't take it too seriously.

Confidence fills the heart, and there's no need to care about sarcasm and questioning.

Let people laugh and condemn as they like, live on as a carefree person... "

Huo Mian felt like crying when she heard Qin Chu singing this song again…

It was because of her love for the song that Qin Chu, who never cared for attention, sang in front of all the teachers and students at the New Year's Party that year.

That night, they went up to Crescent Moon Mountain and stared at the stars all night…

Years have passed since, all in a blink of an eye…

After Qin Chu finished the song, Gao Ran took out the cigarette in his mouth, put it between his fingers, and clapped "Bro, your singing is just as good as it used to be."

Lin Xuejiao also looked at Qin Chu with admiration. She said shyly, "President Qin, you have a beautiful voice."

"Huo Mian, look at how well your husband performed. You should reward him tonight," Gao Ran joked.

Huo Mian buried her head in Qin Chu's chest and hugged his waist tightly. She was officially his little fan.

"Mr. Qin, good job, I'd give you 32 likes."

"I don't want any likes, a kiss is much more practical."

"Um… there are people here, we really shouldn't."

"I can wait until we get home."

Huo Mian, ".."

After listening to their flirty conversation, Gao Ran exclaimed, "Looks like it was a great idea to sing karaoke tonight, look at the two of you, I'm like the fairy godmother. Qin Chu, if you guys have a baby, remember to ask me to be the godfather."

"If you're our baby's godfather, then our child will lose his or her innocence at an extremely young age," Huo Mian immediately rebutted.

All in all, the four of them had a great time hanging out; it was just that Lin Xuejiao was a little reserved.

It was already 11 PM when the four of them walked out of the karaoke place, and Huo Mian and Qin Chu headed back to Imperial Park.

On their way back, Huo Mian gossiped, "Honey, do you think Gao Ran will get lucky tonight?"

"You should really be asking if that woman will get lucky. After all, she was the one who is chasing after Gao Ran."

"He's an outstanding member of the police force, plus, he's good looking and also the captain," Huo Mian exclaimed.

"That's not important, what's important is that Gao Ran's dad is the deputy director general of the bureau."

"You could tell? Mr. Qin, you sure pay attention to details." Huo Mian was impressed with Qin Chu's ability to see through people. He said nothing to that woman all night but could tell how pragmatic a person she was, and the fact that she had ulterior motives chasing after Gao Ran.

"If that's the case, then I'm not sure what will happen between them." Huo Mian didn't think that Gao Ran would end up with that woman.

Huo Mian and her husband guessed right; that was indeed the case…

Lin Xuejiao pretended to be drunk and passed out in Gao Ran's lap on the way back, in hopes that they would be able to spend the night together.

However, after Gao Ran drove his car to her apartment, he woke her up and escorted her home. Then, he drove himself home.

He was just trying things out with Lin Xuejiao. After all, at his age, people would talk if he didn't have a girlfriend.

However, after spending an evening together, he noticed that he didn't feel anything for her at all and realized that he didn't like weak-looking girls like her.

As soon as Qin Chu and Huo Mian arrived at home, Qin Chu's phone began ringing frantically…

After getting off the phone, Qin Chu glanced at Huo Mian, "You should go to bed first, I need to go back to the manor. My mom is sick."

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded.

After Qin Chu drove all the way back to the Qin manor, he realized that Jiang Linyue was still there.

"President Qin, you're back?"

"Where's my mom?" Qin Chu frowned, without even looking at Jiang Linyue.




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