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Season 3

Episode 92

(Does Your Mom Know That You Are This Fierce? (9)

"Of course I am."

"Oh yeah? How come it looks like you were coerced into dating him? Hm… what do you think would happen if I announced the news to everyone? Especially your mother, tsk tsk... that would be interesting."

"Huo Siqian, what do you want?" Huo Mian didn't know how Huo Siqian knew about their relationship. She and Qin Chu had always been extremely discrete, even going as far as doing everything in their power to hide their tracks. It was as if Huo Siqian had superpowers, however, as he somehow caught wind of their relationship.

"Nothing. It's not like I can do anything."

"If you want to announce it to the world, then do it. You don't have to threaten me, it doesn't work on me."

Huo Mian hated being threatened. As far as she was concerned, it was better to die with the enemy than to be controlled by him.

"Haha, I'm only teasing and you're already all riled up. I do like you like this though..."

"I don't have time for your bullshit. If you want to inspect the surrounding areas, do it yourself. I'm not going with you. You can either tell the director to fire me or you can get out of my sight."

With that, Huo Mian immediately turned around and walked away, ignoring Huo Siqian...

The meeting with Huo Mian left Huo Siqian extremely happy. Even though the rest of his tour was conducted by the hospital's deputy director, he was still basking in the joy of seeing her...

"Deputy Director Guo, please look after my younger sister for me."

"President Huo's too polite. Huo Mian has always been the most excellent employee at South Side. Everyone takes good care of her." After Guo Yumin learned about the relationship between Huo Siqian and Huo Mian, he had nothing but compliments for her.

He had read about Huo Mian being the Huo Family's illegitimate daughter in the newspaper before. But at the time, Huo Mian had clearly stated her independence from the Huo family, even announcing that she would never be in contact with them.

He had always seen Huo Mian as someone unthreatening, but Huo Siqian's appearance changed his mind.

Not only did the man donate money, but he also made his intentions of having his little sister taken care of very clear. They seemed to have a great sibling relationship.

With Huo Siqian's words, Guo Yumin was no longer going to antagonize Huo Mian, or, more accurately, he didn't have the balls to.

After Huo Siqian left in his car, Guo Yumin arrived at Huo Mian's office.


"Deputy Director." Huo Mian got up.

"I was looking at the recent schedules… you have a lot of night shifts. You don't need to work so hard as the head nurse, just delegate it to the nurses under you and take care of yourself."

"Uh… thank you Deputy Director for your concern." Guo Yumin's sudden caring attitude scared Huo Mian out of her wits. She even thought that he was hitting on her.

His next sentence, however, fully explained his behavior. "President Huo funded South Side because of you. Please speak highly of us when you're with him in the future."

"Deputy Director, you've misunderstood. Huo Siqian and I-" Huo Mian wanted to explain but Guo Yumin didn't give her the chance to...

"I understand, I understand. You don't need to explain yourself to me. You can go back to what you were doing." With that, Guo Yumin turned around and walked away.

Huo Mian was left feeling dumbfounded. She murmured, "What did you understand?"

- GK Headquarters -

Qin Chu received a phone call from his mom just as he was about to leave. His mother told him to bring Jiang Linyue home for dinner.

Qin Chu hung up the phone shortly after. Just then, Jiang Linyue knocked on the door and walked in.

"President Qin… I just received a phone call from Mrs.Qin. She said that we should... have dinner together at your house. Are you available?" Jiang Linyue looked at Qin Chu shyly.




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