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Season 3

Episode 99

(This Woman Is Too Capricious (6)

"Sure." Although it was late and he was worried about Huo Mian, his father rarely asked to speak with him. He also wanted to take the opportunity to make things clear to his parents, so they would get off his back.

Then, the father and son left the manor and went into the pavilion beside a fishpond; Qin Chu's father loved the design; the rocks and wood were all transported from Wu Mountain and were extremely pricey. Even the coffee table in the pavilion was made from pear tree wood shipped from Hainan.

Qin Chu sat down from across his father. He took out his phone and sent Huo Mian a WeChat message.

"I'll be back in a while, go to sleep first."

"Okay," Huo Mian replied almost instantly.

"Chu, how's the company doing recently?" Huo Yumin had given up all his executive powers, so he wasn't always aware of what was happening.

"Same old."

"You've been back for a while, have you adjusted?"

"It's been good."

"Do you want to go back to North America?"

"Dad, just say what you want to say, you don't have to beat around the bush with your own son." Qin Chu was somewhat unhappy that his father brought up going back to North America.

"What if I told you that I want the company to focus our business in Canada, and our family to immigrate there? What do you think?"

"What gave you this idea?" Qin Chu stared at his father.

"Because the Chinese market is becoming harder to compete in, and we can't restrict ourselves to this country. Plus, a couple of my friends immigrated to Canada, and their lives are pretty good. They keep asking if I want to go join them, and since I'm old and don't care that much about turning profits, I am seriously considering moving there to play some golf and drink some tea with them."

"For that, you can go anytime you want, there's no need to immigrate."

"You don't want to go?"

"Even if I go, I'll be bringing Huo Mian along with me. You don't have to feel me out, Dad."


"Dad, does our bet from all those years ago still count?"

"What if it does, what if it doesn't?" Qin Yumin didn't know what his son was thinking, so he didn't dare to answer directly.

"It's simple. If it does, I will be grateful for your blessing, and I will work hard to take care of the business that you left me. if it doesn't, then… I will immediately resign from GK, leave the Qin family, and restart my life with Huo Mian."

"Are you threatening me?" Qin Yumin was getting angry.

"No, it's not a threat, I'm just stating the truth."

"Is it really necessary for you to push me and your mother into a corner all for a woman?"

"You were the ones who pushed me into a corner." Qin Chu corrected.

"Let me ask you this, will you not change your mind, no matter what happens?"


"Even if you guys fight and end up breaking up, you still won't regret the decision you've made today, correct?" Qin Yumin felt the need to warn his son; he was so young and perhaps thought love was more magical than it actually was.

"Dad, allow me to correct you. I will never leave her until I die. No matter what."

Qin Chu stood his ground so firmly that Qin Yumin didn't know what else to say to convince his son…

Seeing how determined his son was, Qin Yumin sighed, "Okay, I hope that your determination pays off, and I hope that she doesn't let you or your stubbornness down."

As Qin Chu left the manor, he had one thing in mind…

Was he stubborn?

A lot of people have said that to him. Yet, over the last couple of years, he had only been stubborn about one person, and that person was Huo Mian.

There was nothing wrong about loving someone, nor was there anything wrong about continuing to love someone.

Huo Mian was already asleep when he got back to Imperial Park…

Qin Chu lit up a cigarette and sat by the balcony, quietly appreciating Huo Mian's face…

He looked at her as if she were a rare treasure…

No one, no matter who it was, could take Huo Mian away from him.

He would rather hurt his parents than miss out on another seven years with Huo Mian.

He was terrified… terrified of losing her again.

He finally got her back – the woman he loved.

"Mian… my Mian," Qin Chu gently called out Huo Mian's name under the mesmerizing moonlight.

Too bad Huo Mian didn't hear what he said. She was enjoying her sweet dreams…

The next morning, Qin Chu drove Huo Mian to work. As soon as she arrived at South Side, she saw her car parked outside the hospital.

It was all fixed up; happy, she walked up to it and opened the door. On the passenger seat was a giant bouquet of lilies.

There was also a card attached to it…

She picked up the card and took a look. Then, her expression changed.





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