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Season 4

Episode 30

(A Standoff Between Money and Power (2)

No wonder he asked her to place her phone further, so that was what he was thinking? He couldn't touch her, but he wanted to at least satisfy his eyes?

Mr. Qin sure had a weird taste…

Fine, since he told her that he missed her, she decided to go for it. Then, with one hand on her phone, she pulled her collar down with her other hand, exposing her white collarbones…

"Lower." Qin Chu wasn't satisfied.

Huo Mian didn't say anything and pulled her shirt down lower… Just as he was about to see everything, Huo Mian was also reaching her limit.


"Screw you, Qin Chu."

Huo Mian couldn't stand it any longer and finally erupted…

If she pulled her shirt down even lower, he was going to see everything! She wasn't a flasher and would never do something like that.

Qin Chu couldn't help but smile when he saw Huo Mian's fury.

He predicted that his Mian would react that way, it was actually pretty fun.

"You're killing me, do you know that?" Huo Mian protested.

"Really? I haven't even begun playing with you though." Qin Chu smiled wickedly.

"That's the end of our friendship, goodbye."

Then, before Qin Chu had the chance to respond, Huo Mian immediately hung up…

She thought that Qin Chu would immediately call her back; don't all guys woo their wives like that?

However, she was disappointed; she waited a while, but Qin Chu didn't call her.

Perhaps he's busy , Huo Mian convinced herself, trying to hide her tiny speck of disappointment.

It was already 10 PM, but she wasn't sleepy at all.

Perhaps it was because she was on night shift for such a long time. Therefore, Huo Mian decided to get up from the bed and look through her childhood albums.

Back then, phones were still too expensive, and old-fashioned photos were popular.

She took out her graduation photos and saw herself, young and innocent….

She missed the good old days. Sometimes, she had the feeling that from 14 to 24, those ten years of her life, felt like a century. So many things happened during that decade, including her meeting and breaking up with Qin Chu.

After all of this, they still ended up together. She couldn't help but exclaim at this magical little thing called 'fate'.

It was already 11:30 PM by the time she put away her albums, and Huo Mian was a little hungry.

She wanted to make herself some instant noodles but realized that there wasn't any at home.

Her mom had been really into health lifestyle recently, so she threw out all of their junk food. Huo Mian's hunger grew as she was contemplating what to do.

Out of boredom, she began looking through her WeChat friend circle, and then she noticed that foodie Gao Ran was having barbeque and kebabs.

He posted a total of nine photos of the barbeque he was eating… talk about courting envy…

Zhu Lingling commented, "It's so late, why are you eating this much? You're going to turn into a pig."

Gao Ran immediately replied, "This young master has a special physique, I don't get fat when I eat. Thank you very much for your worries."

"Hey, can you guys not quibble? I'm really hungry, so please don't post photos like that at this hour!"

Gao Ran laughed at Huo Mian's comment, "Ask your super-whipped hubby to make you some food."

"I'm at my mother's, thank you very much for your worries."

"Haha, looks like someone's spending the night alone." Gao Ran displayed typical schadenfreude.

Huo Mian became hungrier and hungrier the more she looked at Gao Ran's photos, and ended up stealing one of his photos of some barbeque chicken wings and posting it on WeChat.

"If someone were to bring me a box of chicken wings right now, I'll thank them and all their ancestors."

The truth was, she was just venting…

15 minutes later, Huo Mian's phone began ringing.


"Come out." It was Qin Chu's bossy voice.

"Right now?" Huo Mian wasn't sure if she heard right.

"I'll give you 20 seconds." Then, Huo Mian hung up the phone.

Huo Mian immediately crawled out of bed and headed out the door. To avoid waking up her mother, she went out wearing slippers.

Outside the yard was Qin Chu's Maybach…

"Why are you here?" Huo Mian was pleasantly surprised to see Qin Chu.

Qin Chu didn't speak and just handed her a takeout box, "Here."




  1. This is the kind of husband i desire

  2. oh my God
    he's so romantic

  3. Omg
    My own qin chu should pls show his face cos am jealous of this my kiddo relationship



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