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   {πŸ’«Searching for loveπŸ’«}

      Episode 99.


"They would be fine. I promise you that they would be fine. "
 Skylar says as I pace up and down the living room and I shake my head. 
I can't bare it. 
I shouldn't have stayed here at all. 
I shouldn't have allowed Calvin to tell me to stay here. 

 I'm worried. Sick with worrying and wondering what's going on. 
Why would happen to my brother if they don't save these on time? 
I know Stephan is smart and he would have kept himself safe but I also know that Sebastian is devious. 
He's a beast and he could have done anything.. Anything to him. 

 He could have done nanny thing to him. 
No, I shouldn't have stayed here. 

I should have insisted and go with them. 
My brother. Stephan. 
I will never forgive myself if he dies.. I will never! And I'm sure that my parents wouldn't either. 
Their only son. 
They would put the blame on me. For not watching after my younger brother and the guilt will eat up at me till the day that I die. 
It would kill me eventually. 
I should have prevented that and I should have went with then. 
I shouldn't have allowed Calvin to tell me what to do. 

 I know he's only trying to protect me but we are talking about my young brother here. 
Anyone would have done the same thing in my position. 
Anyone would have think like I have thoughts of they were in my shoes. 
Whom would want to be the cause of their younger brother's death? 

 I start moving forward when Skylar jumps in front of me. 

 "No, you can't Isabel. Please don't do this. 
Calvin will kill me if I let you go so please just try till coming, I'm sure they would be back to you and I know Calvin. 
He's a man of his word and he always fulfills his promises. 
If he says he's gonna bring back your brother then tryst me that he would definitely do it. 
He wouldn't fail you, I promise to please Isabel. Stay put. "
 I sigh as tears falls down my cheeks and I walk back, sitting on the couch with my head between my hands. 

 "Isabel. Please calm down, everything would be okay. "
 She pats my back and I shave my head. 

 "How can I call down? Tell me how can I just calm down? They have been gone for almost five guys and I hear nothing. 
What if they couldn't save him. 
What if he has been dead before they get there? Anything could gave happened! "
 I yell and she shakes her head, about to speak but the sound of the TV distracted Her. 

 "Oh my god Isabel. Look, I told you didn't I? "
 I raise my head to immediately. It's them? 
It's Calvin and the others! 
And oh my god! They caught Sebastian! He's been handcuffed and taken away by the police. 

 And beside Calvin is my brother! 
He is safe!


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