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  {💫Searching for love💫}

        Episode 98.


  I stare between the three of them. Where the hell are they all going and all dressed up too? 

 "Is something going on? Where are you guys going? "
 Calvin stares back, probably to see whether she's still here or not while both Adam and May looks away from my gaze and stare at Calvin who's still staring at Skylar before taking his eyes to be. 

 "Babe, I will be back. I promise you that everything is going to be fine. "
 He smiles at me and place his palm against my cheek. 
There's something about the way he said that that makes me feel as if something has happened. 
Something bad. Something I wouldn't like. 

 "Please tell me what happened Calvin, don't you ever dare to keep this a secret from me?! "
 I move away from his touch and he Lets put a breath before looking at Adam who nod at him. 

 "Stephan, your brother is in trouble. "
 He mumbles and my heart stop beating momentarily. 
He... What is... What is he talking about? 
Why.. Why would... My... My brother... He.. How could.. He.. I.. I don't understand! 

 "What are you talking about? Stephen is at home and he's fine. He isn't in any kind of trouble. "
 I smile lightly and Shake my head but the expression on calvin's face made me think otherwise. 

 "I'm sorry Belle but Sebastian is at your house. "
 And once again that headache surfaces and my vision goes blur for a moment, he.. Sebastian?! 
He's at my place?! 
If Sebastian is there then Stephan isn't safe! 
Not a single bit! 
No, I have to.. I have to go to him. 
I have to save him. If anythings happens to him, I would never forgive myself. I shouldn't have left him all alone by himself at home. 

 How could I have done that?! 
I shouldn't have! Now he's in trouble and I... I don't... I don't even know what to do. 
How could he be here? 
How could Sebastian be here? I mean he went to jail. He was in jail. 
How could he have gotten out already? 

 "I need to go. I need to make suse that he will be safe. 
He wouldn't.. I... I hat need to. I need to make sure that he's okay. "
 My voice cracks and I try getting inside but Calvin holds me back. 

 "No, you aren't going anywhere isabelle! "
 He snaps and I shake my head. 
 "That guy is there probably because of you and I won't let you go near him. Not a single bit so you're gonna stay here. "

 "No, I won't! "
 I shoot and jerk my hand sat from his. 

 "I won't stay here! My brother is in trouble! How can you tell me to stay here?! 
I can't stay here! I don't want to stay here! "

 "Isabelle, you're only delaying is from saving him. 
I'm going there with the police and this bastard would be caught. 
You're staying here together with Skylar until I get back! "
 What? How could he.. 
 "Please Isabel, just listen to me on this. "
 He says softly before turning to Skylar. 

 "If you have ever loved me like you claimed then you have to make sure she's safe with you.. Here. 
If she isn't when I get back. 
I will find you Skylar and I will kill you. I promise. "
 He turns back to my frame and pull me into his chest while I sob softly. 
Stephan! My brother! 

 "Everything would be fine. I promise. "
 He kiss my forehead before moving away together with Adam and May.



  1. Wow and beautiful. Skylar prove your love for Calvin. Isabelle be calm no harm shall befall your brother. Thank you my writer

  2. Skylar you've got a lot to do with that woman to calm down


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