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   {💫Searching for love💫}

        Episode 97.


I can see the surprise evident on the lady face as she stares at me. 
I know she probably didn't except me here... Well neither do I did but when the maid came in earlier and said there's a woman named Skylar who wants to see Calvin. 
I couldn't help myself, I just had to come. 
To know her intentions and to know why she's here. What she's here for. 

 "I'm sorry. I want to see Calvin please. "
 She says again avd I smile. 

 "This is Calvin. You can tell me whatsoever you want to tell him. "
 I shrug and she stares at me from head to toe. 
What exactly is that supposed to mean? 

 "No,um. You see what I want to talk to him about is a matter between the two of us so please, if you could just go on and call him out so we can focus t... "
 "You mean matters about the baby? "
 I raise my brows at her and her eyes widens.. 

 "How... How did you know that?! "
 She stammers and I smile. 

 "Why wouldn't I know? Calvin is mine and he wouldn't keep anything away from me. "
 I know I didn't have to necessary say that but I just couldn't help but to claim him. 
And Calvin didn't exactly told me either, I found out myself though I understand that the only reason he couldn't tell me is because he thought I would get angry. 

 "Yeah, I know that. I just didn't thought he would tell you right after I did. "
 She smiles and I nod. 
So Calvin wasn't lying anyways. She really did just told him last night. 

 "And you accept? You have no problem that he has a child with me? "
 She raises her brows at me and I nod. 

 "I don't see any reason to get angry over it. 
He's a man and he isn't a kid. 
He would have been in other relationships, yeah and a lot of things might have happened. Just like this child. 
Why would I get angry over something that's natural and it isn't like he's cheating on me so there's nothing to get angry about. "
I shrug and her mouth falls open with her just staring at me. 
She thought I was gonna get angry? 
I wonder if that has been her plan all along. 
For me to get angry then she would be with him 

 I shake my head. No, that can't be it. Calvin doesn't want to be with her anyways. 

 "I wouldn't do that if I were you. I would have definitely got angry. "
 She laughs and I shake my head. 
I have always thought that she's wicked and that she is always plotting against me and Calvin. 

 Now I understand that she had only been doing all that because she wants to be with him. 
 She isn't rally as evil as she appears herself to be.

 I haven't seen anyone as evil as Sebastian. 
Now, I'm thinking about him. 

 "I... "
 Before I could complete my words, Calvin rushes out of the house and I wonder what's wrong with him. 
He's dressed up and so are Adam and May. 
What's happening?



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