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{💫Searching for love💫}

       Episode 96.



Sister hasn't been back since like forever. 
I know she went to Calvin's place cause she left a note for me but why isn't she back yet?
It is almost twenty four hours and she's still not here and I miss her a lot. 
Since she's the only one that I have near, I really miss her presence. 

 The doorbell rings and I smile, pulling out of the bed, walking out of the room then downstairs and running towards the door. 
That must be sister. 
I smile as my hand grips the knob when I drop immediately. 
It isn't... It isn't sister! 
She doesn't knock unless it's late and she knows that I would already be late so it definitely isn't her. 
Who could it be? 
I can feel the thumping of my heart against my chest and I feel the air blew thick. 
Whoever it is... It's someone I won't like. 

 I step back and peek in the hole that leads to outside and I gasp slightly as I move back quicker. 
Oh my god! It's him! 
That fucking Sebastian! 
How did he... How did he get out? 
mother and father made sure that he's arrested after everything he had done to Isabel so how the hell did he got out and when? 
 I move around as I stare looking for things. 
Anything to make sure that I'm safe. 
I need to bring some things against the door. He might decide to burst in once I take too long to open the door. 
Oh god.

 I grab the table and push it against it. 
I'm panicking already and there are balls of sweats coming down my forehead. 
I sniff before going upstairs quick and coming back with a chair. 
I just it against the door and soom, he starts kicking the door while I rest against the chairs and bring out my phone. 
 I call Isabelle but she isn't picking her phone up. 
Oh god. Isabelle, pick up your damn phone! Just please! Pick the phone this one time. 
We have to catch the bastard and trap him where he's standing right now easy but it wouldn't happen if you're not fucking picking up your phone. 
 I groan and dial her number again but she isn't picking up. 
Oh god. 
Yes, she's at Calvin's place. 
Maybe Calvin could pick up his phone. 
Oh no. What am I talking about?! I don't even know Calvin's number. 
Fuck! I'm going crazy right now. 
What will I do? 
This wouldn't hold him for too long and it's only a matter of minutes before he burst in the house forcefully. 

   I dial the number again after sending a text and thankfully she picks. 

 *Isabel! Sister please, I need you to come home right now. Tell Calvin about it and to guys should bring the police. Please! We need to trap Sebastian and please be fast 
I can't.. I don't think I can hold him for too long. 

 My eyes starts getting glossy as I can feel the door breaking already. 

 *Steph, this isn't your sister. It's Calvin, what happened. Are you alright? 
Did he seriously not hear every thing that I said right now. 

 *Sebastian is here and he's trying to break in. 
Please, bring the police fast. I need you guys, I can't hold on for too long. 

 I sigh and hang up before pushing my entire body against it and I can feel the table shifting slightly.




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