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 {💫Searching for love💫}

       Episode 95.



I walk out of the room after making sure that my boy is safe. 
I sigh before shifting my bag against my shoulder and getting inside the car. 
I start the engine and start driving off. 
Calvin, I really hope that you don't misunderstand my intentions and that you give Alvin a chance to he in your life. 
He needs a father. Badly. 
I know I can be both to him. I can be everything he wants but I know it would never be enough until he gets you. 
You're all he needs and everything else would be alright. 

 I take a sharp corner and almost run into a guy. 
I yelp as I quickly stop the car and I raise my head to look at him. 
He has beard all over his face and his hair is long. Really long. 
He looks a little untidy and I gulp in as I watch him stare at me from outside before walking away while I breathe out. 

 Who the hell was that and why the hell does he look so familiar. 
I feel like I've seen him from somewhere or something. 
I just don't know from where. Where exactly could I have met him from. 

  I shake my head and start my drive back to Calvin's house. 
I stop in front of the gate and come out of the car since the guard won't definitely open the damn gate for me until I knock on there myself nor would he let me drive in. 
I hope Calvin is back from work already, I made sure that I come a little late so it could be the time that I would get him from work already. 

 I knock on the gate and minutes later, I was allowed in after some talks with the guard. 

 I stride across the large compound before finally arriving in front of the house itself and I take in a sharp breath. 
God, please let him accept this. Please let him not refuse this. Just please. 

 I knock on the door twice and nothing. 
I sigh before releasing a sharp breath and knocking again and the door is open my a maid. 
I smile at her and she nods slightly to me. 

 "Um, I'm here to see Calvin McQueen. "
 I smile at her and she stares didn't at me from head to toe. 
The hell? What the heck was that for? 

 "Do you have any appointment with him ma'am? "
Has here turned to his office already that I would need a appointment to be able see him. 
I still remember those days when I would have walked in like I want but not anymore. 
I don't belong here anymore but my son does cause he's his son. 

 "Just tell him that Skylar is here to see him. He would understand ."
 The maid goes away and I sigh  laying against the wall. 
I really hope that he comes out and that he doesn't refuse to come cause it's me. 
Just this once. Just this last once and I would be away from his life forever. I promise, I will leave and will only be coming back to see my son. 

 I still my feet gently against the door  waiting patiently for him to come out but instead of Calvin. I got that girl. 
The same girl that I saw with him that night. 
The same girl that was here yesterday night when I had come.



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