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  {💫Searching for love💫}


        Episode 94.



  I closely watch her as she holds tightly to her chest and I know she's in pain. 
I can see the pain in her eyes and it hurts so damn much to see her this way. 
She bends her head and I hold her to shoulder, trying to get what's wrong with her. 
Hearing that she isn't angry about the child makes me so damn happy. 
No words could have given me any greatest joy but then this had. 
I don't know what's happening to her but her breathing gets heavier and she's shaking. 

 She whispers and my mouth hangs open. 
Why is she mentoring that motherfucker name hete again. 
I shake my head and grab her from the floor and she lays her head against my chest.
I don't think I would be able to go to the office today. 
Not when she's like this. 

 I drop her carefully on the bed and slowly lay beside her, hugging her to myself avd laying her head against my chest. 

 "what happened? "
 I ask her and she raises her head to look at me. 

 "He's near Calvin. I know I can't see him or even hear him I don't even know why but I know he's bear. 
He's back. Back for me. He told me he wouldn't be and now he is. 
I'm not crazy, I can feel it. 
I can feel his presence 
He's near, I know it. "
 She cries and I sigh before patting her hair and laying her body on top of mime. 

 Whatever this Sebastian has done to her. I know it's not something that can be forgiveable. 
The bastard has inquired fear in her that I feel her pain right now. I can only imagine what she's going through right now. 

 He's welcome if he's near but I promise him that I'm gonna ruin him. 
He will regret ever coming back here.
 He would regret ever having the audacity to come back for him. 
I will make him everything he had done to her. 
Every single thing that he had went through. 
Evey single pain that he had made her feel. 
I will make him regret , I will drag him through hell for ever daring to coming back here. 
I will make him see what's like to live the rest of our life in pain and in fear that he would wish that he had just stayed where he had come from. 

 "I'm sorry you had to feel this way isabelle. 
I'm sorry about everything that man had made you go through. I'm sorry that you had to go through to many awful experiences but it's over. 
He's never getting you again. He wouldn't be able to let a finger on you anymore. 
He wouldn't cause I'm here for you. I'm always here for you, by your side and I will always be here with you. 
I will never let anyone hurt you. Not anymore, I promise you. "
 I kiss her forehead and she mouths a thank you. 
I sigh and pat her hair. 

 Wherever that jerk is. He should just stay put his own sake. 
If he comes near her, I swear to god. I will kill him.



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