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  {πŸ’˜Searching for loveπŸ’˜}

    Episode    86.


What the... 
Is he... Is he trying to propose to me? 
God. This is so weird and it makes me feel so uneasy. 
I don't like talks about marriage. Sebastian ruined it for me like he has always does. 
I don't view marriage like something I want like I've always does but it's Calvin. Maybe he could change my views about it and he has always been comforting me. Always trying to make me happy and now that he's in this state, I should be the one to confort him but damn! I don't even know what to say. 

 "I know you would feel that way. That's why I was afraid. "
 He sighs and bend his head. 
I gulp in before placing my hands against his cheek and forcing him to raise his head. 

 "I mean um... I think we should slow down a little bit. We just got together. "
 I smile nervously. 
I don't know what to say and I'm trying to pick my words gracefully so I don't say words that would hurt him even when all I'm trying to do is confort him. 

 "We have known each other for months. "
 He points out and I smile  .
 "yeah and almost all of it were spent fighting and trying to figure out our own feelings. "
 I shrug. 

 "I wasn't figuring my feelings about you. I've always love you."
 He says and the word stirs something inside of me as I smile at him.
 "Yeah for you but I've only just figured out my feelings for you. 
Let's not rush into things and take it slow. 
If the time is right and you ask me then maybe I will say yes. "
 I shrug and he raises his head up, a smile across his lips. 

 "You mean you would say yes? "
 He grins at me and I chuckle before shrugging. 

 "I don't know, I guess it depends on how good you fuck me. "
 I tease and his eyes widens as he laughs and hooks his arms around my waist to pull him closer to him. 
I'm glad I got him in a better mood. 

 "Jesus. When did you turned into this? Your mouth is so dirty. "
 He shake his head and I chuckle befree wrapping my arms around his neck. 

 "You made me like this. You started it. "
 I frown at him and he chuckles before raising his head a bit higher to kiss me and I let out a slight moan into the kiss. 

 "Just a single kiss and you're moaning already. "
 He grins as he pulls away from the kiss and I roll my eyes. 

 "Are you staying? "
 He raises his brows and I shrug. 

 "Do you want me to? "
 I ask, staring down at him as he rests his hand on my ass and slowly uses his fingers to graze it. 
Even his slightest touch does something to me. 

 "You know I do. "
 He says and his fingers slowly goes inside of my shirt. 
I look at him with my brows raised and he smiles at me before pushing against my bra and tracing over the cups of my breasts. 
Oh god. 

 "Do you want me to fuck you still? "
 He raises his eyebrows at me and I gulp in as I try to find the words. 

 "No, I don't... "
 My voice cracks and I clear my throat before speaking again. 
"I'm not feeling it anymore. "
 Well, I wasn't feeling it anymore but now that he's doing this. The burning thirst is coming back and I know he knows it. 

 "Are you sure cause it doesn't seem so. "
 He smirks before getting me to sit on his lap. 
 He raises my skirt up and his fingers trails over the waistband of my pant. 
Oh god. 

 He shifts my part to the side and his finger moves up and down my sensitive part to collect the moisture there. 

 "You said you aren't feeling it anymore but you're already so wet for me. "
 He whispers in my ear and licks off the moisture from his finger while I gulp in. 
Oh god. 

 "I will ask only this once again Isabel. Do you want me to fuck you? "
 He says and my breathing is hard as I stare at him. 

 "No. "
 I don't know why the hell I keep refusing but I'm gonna call it part of trying to act tough but I don't think that's working for me so far. 

 "You sure? "
 He raises his brows and grab my hips to raise me up a little before positioning me at his groin. 
Oh god. 
I bite down on my tongue to stop the moans from coming as he grunts his hips against mine. 

 "Yes. "
 My answer comes out as a moan and he chuckles before dropping me on the bed and walking away. 
What the...? 

 I watch his as he walks out of the room and closes the door behind him. 
What the hell just happened?




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