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  {💘Searching for love💘}

       EPISODE  84.


Once again, my hands finds his belt and he chuckles before pulling my hand off once again. 
He's doing this on purpose! He must be! 

 "Geez, learn to have some self control. Young lady. "
 He teases and I roll my eyes. Never have I want someone this badly and I don't know what's about with Calvin. 
Maybe because it's been with long and I've missed him or maybe it's because he looks so much hotter than the last time I saw him or maybe because the way his kisses me ignites something in me. 
I don't know but I just want him, badly. 
So badly that I don't even care where he does it. 
I'm insane. I know. 

 "Common, let's go before you really force me to take you right here. "
 He says and I just remember that I'm gonna stay the night with him. 
Oh god. I forgot about Stephan. 
Well I suppose he would be able to take care of himself. 
I can't believe i just said that. 
My body is still shaking as I thought he was gonna put he down but instead he carries me up his arms and I laugh as we walk back to the house making me remember him kissing that girl. 
That hurts. 

 "She means nothing. I wasn't the one that kissed her, I promise. "
 He says as if reading my mind and I smile then force him to drop me when he reach the door even though he didn't want to. 

 The door is opened and we both walk in as a gasp slides through my throat. 
Oh my god. The house, it's so beautiful and quite large also. 
Maids are lingering around and I stare up at Calvin who smiles at me and gesture for me to move in. 

 I gulp in before walking fully inside. 

 "Oh Calvin is back. "
 I raise my head to see the girl I saw at outside the building and In his locket. 
Oh. Why is she here? 
Are they... Are they still together? 

 "And isabelle is here also. "
I'm surprised she knows my name as she walks over to me. 

 "Hello. "
 I smile at her and she suddenly hugs me. Um, okay? 

 "I'm sorry for that. I'm just so happy to see you here especially with my dickhead of a brother. "
 Wait what? Brother?! 

 "Brother?! "
 I repeat, clearly confused. 

 "Yea. I'm Calvin's younger sister. May. "
 What the... So they are siblings and I've misunderstood everything? 
He hadn't been with anyone else. 
He hadn't. 
The realization made me smile and even want him the more. 
I nod at the May girl till we are lead to the couch. 

 "Hey Isabelle. It's finally good to see you here, I'm Adam. Calvin's friend. "
 The guy I saw together with him at the office that day and I smile before shaking his hand. 

 May comes and sit close to Adam.

 "Away. Now! "
 Calvin growls beside me and she moves away immediately like someone been chased and I couldn't help but to smile, making the others laugh also. 

 "So you're staying the night? "
 Adam asks and I looks at Calvin befree nodding. 
I want to ask about his parents but he told me they died so maybe he wasn't lying about that one. 

 "Um. Yeah, if you guys don't gave a problem with it. "
 I mutters and they both shrug. 
 "As long as you keep your moans down. I'm okay. "
 May Shrugs and my cheeks heats up while Calvin glares at her. 
Oh god. 

 "Okay, I will see you guys tomorrow morning and I'm watching you. Keep your hands off each other! "
 Calvin growls and they both chuckle before nodding. 
They are dating each other? 

 Calvin drags me up and we walk up the stairs. 
He smiles at me before opening the door to a room and I walk in. 

 "So this is my... "
 I didn't allow him to finish before I attach my lips to his and he staggers backwards, his back hitting lightly against the door. 
His hands goes to my thighs and he wraps my legs around his waist. 

 "I want you. "
 I don't know how many times I've said that but I will keep saying it cause I do. 

 "What? Right now? "
 He raises his head and I nod, kissing down his neck. 

 "Yeah, right now. "
 What his sister has said has added to my already burning ache.

 "Belle, I don't think we should. "
 He starts saying and I jump him off me immediately, getting down and moving away from him. 
My burning need for him is replaced my anger. 

 "You just saying that again and again. Don't you want to touch me? "
 Tears pools in my eyes as the image of Sebastian thrusting into me while telling me no one would want me comes flashing in. 

 "No, that's not what I meant. It's just that... "

 "Just that you don't want to touch a lady that has already been touched before right? "
 A tear rolls down my cheek and I quickly wipe it off. 

 "Isabelle you're getting it... "
 He starts to move closer to me but I shake my head, holding my hand up to stop him. 

 "I will leave. Don't worry. "
 I mutter before walking into the bathroom so fast as I can possibly can.




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