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  {💘Searching for love💘}

       EPISODE   83.


He kisses me all over my body and it feels so good. 
I almost want him to take me. Right here and right now but we are outside. 
Though my hormones didn't seem to care about that. 
I just want him. All of him. 

 His fingers are still dig deep inside my things and his lips are still trailing kisses all over my body. 

 "Calvin.. "
 I moan and lift his head up to look at me. 
His eyes are darker and wide, making me pool into my pants even more. 

 "What's it babe? "
 He says and attach his lips to my neck again. 
I groan before letting out a moan as I trace my hands down his chest then down to his trouser, I try unbuckling his belt wfen his hands grips mine and blue eyes look at me with raised brows. 

 "What are you doing? "
 He whispers and I shake my head. 

 "What are you doing? "
 I raise my brows and he smiles. 

 "Well I'm kissing you because I missed you. "
 His words stirs something inside of me but they still aren't enough to quench my thirst. 

 "I want more than kissing. "
 I whisper and I watch his eyes go wide as he stares at me as if I've said something wrong. 
I didn't say anything wrong. Right? 

 "What? More than kissing? What is that? "
 He tries to hide his smile as he talks but it's too evident to hide.
 "More than kissing."
 I repeat my earlier words and he pouts. 

 "I don't know what that is. Anything could be more than kissing, do you want me to finger you? "
 Somehow, his dirty words does something unexplainable to me and I wrap my legs around his waist tighter. 
The anticipation of him burying his fingers into me.
It drives me insane but that's nothing compared to him buried in me himself. 

 "No, not that. "
 I shake my head and he raises his brows. 

 "Then what then? You want me to lick you? "
 With each dirty words that comes out of his mouth. My leg tenses and my body shakes. 

 "No, I want you to fuck me. "
 I mutter and his eyes widens before he starts to laugh and I roll my eyes, looking away from him and staring down at my feet. 

 "Fucking hell. You're nuts Isabelle. When did you turned into a sex freak? "
 He laughs and I roll my eyes again, still staring down at my feet.. I feel shy all of a sudden. 

 "Oh please, don't you dare try to act innocent now. You are the one that just told me to fuck you. "
 He lays emphasis in the f word and I chuckle, burying my head into his chest while he laughs. 

 "Look at me. "
 He says and I raise up my head to stare at him. 

 "I want to fuck you. Hell yeah I do. I've been wanting to since the day I touched you but we can't.. "
 He says and my face falls 

 "Why? "
 I try pulling off from him but he keeps me close to himself. 

 "I don't mean we can't like that. I mean right now babe. 
Anyone could see us here avd I'm not fucking you against the wall of this is gonna be the first. "

 "I'm not a virgin. "
 I laugh and smile at the same time. 

 "Stop that. "
 He frowns and I raise my brows. 

 "Stop what? "

 "Stop saying that. I don't want to hear about the fact that another man had touched you, I know that but it hurts more when you say it like that so stop it. "
 He says and I bow my head before looking up at him and nodding. 
I would still be and he would have been the first to touch me if Sebastian hadn't ruined it for me. 
I shake my head. No, I won't let Sebastian's memories to spoil this moment for me. 

 "And I wasn't talking about you been a virgin. 
Virgin or not, it doesn't matter to me anyways. 
I'm talking about me... "
 He leans closer and gently bite my earlobe while I close my eyes and dug my finger into his hair. 

 "Fucking you for the first time. "
 He raise his head up and stare into my face, probably to see the reaction he has on me and I can say that it's insane cause my breathing is hard avd I'm staring at him. 

 "You want me to do badly, am I right? "
 He whispers and his finger trails over my pant. 
Oh god. 

 "Tell me Isabelle. Do you want me to fuck you so badly? "
 He whispers in my ear as his hands press against my pant. 
This is torture and I'm gonna lose it if he doesn't stop soom. 

 I won't care whether he takes me right here avd right now  against this wall. 
Right at this place. 
I just want him.


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