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  {💘Searching for love💘}

     Episode      82.


He just continue staring at me that actually begins to make me worried. 
Maybe he's angry that I said that. 
Of course he would be. After telling me clearly that he needs some time away from me and I've seen him with two girls now, how could I still have come back here to tell him this? 

 Oh, I'm such a fool. 
I shouldn't have come here at all. 
I just came here to make fun of myself but I really thought that maybe, if I talk to him.. maybe, just maybe he can get back to how we were before. 

 "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that, I mean I totally understand if you are already with someone else. 
You don't have to feel pity for me, it's not your fault anyways. It's not, I pushed you away and now... "
 My eyes goes glossy with each word I say and he doesn't allow me to finish the words before he closes his lips against mine. 
I groan as my arms goes to wrap around his neck immediately and I drop my bag on the floor. 
He moves backwards and my back be against the wall while I wrap my legs around his waist and tug at his hair, pulling him closer towards me while his lips dance expertly against mine. 

 Oh god. Just how much I've missed this. How much I've missed us. 
Been this close to him. Having his lips against mine like this. 
It makes all my worries disappears and the only thing I can think of at this moment is the way his lips feels on mine. 

His lips taste just exactly like they have always tastes. 
Mint and strange like strawberry but only this time, there's a small different. 
That's lingering taste of champagne and the combination of everything is so heavenly. 

 I smile and push my lips to mine against his and he sucks on a sharp breath before trailing kisses down to my cleavage then up to my lips again before trailing it down my neck and sucking on the spot that he knows drives me absolutely insane. 

 I let out a moan and grab his head, dippping it down to feel him even more closer and he chuckles against my skin. 
His sound vibrating through my entire body. 

 "Oh god... Calvin... "
 I moan as he sucks on my skin, I'm sure that's gonna leave a hickey. 

 His fingers digs into my skin avd he trails Gus fingers up to my thigh before rubbing his hand against my skin till his hand reaches the waistband of my pant and he grabs it before pulling it slightly up then letting go if it, letting it slap against my skin. 
The simple gesture is just a tease, I presume but it makes me pool in my pants and have me panting, chest heaving up and down.
It's so hot. 

 I look up at him. He's so hot that I feel like yanking his entire clothes offs him. 
Oh god. How can someone be this hot and he's shirtless roo. 

 "If you want me back then I'm still yours baby. I wanted to let you go through some pain like you had made me gone through but that's so fucking impossible when I want you so badly. "
 He hums against my neck and this is the time that I should scolding him for actually waiting to punish me but I'm not. 
Instead my head is raised up, my fingers sip in his hair, my hips pushes against his with his lips perched to my skin as I moan out his name over and over again. 

 I've never wanted someone this much but I want Calvin right now.
I just want all of him. 

 "Stay at my place tonight. "
 He says and without thinking twice about it, I moan out a yes



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