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  {💘Searching for love💘}

    Episode     81.


He's here. 
Calvin is here and he's hugging me right now to his chest. 
I stay silent, allowing myself to revel in his scent. 
Oh, just how much I've missed been this close to him.. I've missed him so damn much that words can't even deserve how good it feels to he this close to him right now. 
I lay my head against his chest and wrap my hands around his waist to nuzzle closer into him and I close my eyes when the memory of that girl kissing her comes to mind again. 
I shake my head and try shaking it off but it even worsens as the girl's face is replaced by Sebastian and he's smirking at me. 

 I quickly pull away from him as fast as I could possibly do and when I raise my head to look at him, his brows are raised as if he's asking what I did. 

 I gulp in before staring down at my feet then raising my gaze to look at him again. 

 "Why are you here Calvin? "
 I raise my brows at him and he sighs slightly before shoving his hands in his pocket. 

 "You came to see me right, why did you suddenly ran off then if you were there to see me? "
 He raises his brows at me and I roll my eyes before crossing my arms against my chest, moving little backwards away from him. 

 "I thought you were busy especially after I saw you with your girlfriend. "
 I swallow the lump in my throat and turn to look at Calvin who suddenly burst into lauding. 
Did I say anything funny? 

 "Trust me when I say jealousy doesn't fit you babe. "
 He grins and In a strange way, it warms my heart that he just called me that name but of course, I know he's only teasing and doesn't mean it. 
He doesn't want me here anyways and I thought I could at least  try to be with him but obviously, he already has someone else. 

 "By the way. What do you want to say that made you come? "
 He raises his brows at me and I gulp in before shifting uncomfortably from one feet to another. 

 "Um, I... I didn't.   I... "
 I stammer. I close my eyes and breathe out.
God, why the hell am I suddenly stammering? 
I was pretty confident when I left home but that confidence seem to have flew out and blown away with the air with the way he's staring at me right now. 
He's watching me like I'm the most interesting thing to watch and I laugh nervously. 

 "You can't talk? "
 He raises his brows at me and I shake my head before moving from my legs again. 

 "I wanted to ask you.   Tell you."
 I gulp in as I close my eyes and struggle to find the right words. 
God! This is so much harder than I thought it would be. 

 "Tell me what? "
 He's really pushing it. 
I raise my head again and he's already so close to me that made me flinch and move back immediately. 

 "Tell you that I want you back. "
 I finally release the words and stare at his eyes, expecting him to say something but he said nothing.


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