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    {πŸ’˜Searching for loveπŸ’˜}

           Episode   80.


The words resounds over and over in my head. 

 I'm pregnant for you. 

 Is she fucking kidding me? Just how foolish does this girl thinks I am? 
We dated like years ago so how the fuck in hell can she be pregnant for me? 
So she's telling me that she got pregnant for me even without me fucking her? 
She's is shitting with me. 
She must because I don't understand any other way that could have happened. 

 I gently turn back to her and she's staring at me. 
I sigh and shove my hands in my pocket, just staring at her and she stares back at me.

 "Are you not gonna say anything? "
 She asks after what felt like guys and I smirk. 

 "what do you except me to say to that stupid assumptuon Skylar? You're pregnant for me? How's that even fucking possible? I haven't touched you  nor been with you in years! "
 I yell at her, raising my brows and she shakes her head. 

 "I know , that isn't what I mean. I was pregnant during the time we were together. I already deliver the child, it's a baby boy and you should come see him please . 
He's just exactly like his dad. I swear to you Calvin, the child is yours. "
 She smile and starts moving towards me but i shake my head and stop her immediately. 

 "No, you're telling lies. You don't have an child fur me. "

 "I can prove it to you if you want. We can bring her and have a DNA test. 
I promise the child is yours Calvin. "
 She says and my heart thumps immediately. 
No, no. This can't happening. 
I can't have a child. Not from her please. 
Yes. This is a trick. She's just trying to play her games on me and I refuse to believe her. 

 "so, you were with your boyfriend before you were with me. You were cheating once with your boyfriend. There's no way in hell the child is mine so please. Just leave Skylar. "
 I close my eyes to calm down my breathing and she shakes her head. 

 "I know you know in your heart that the child is yours Calvin. Why else will I be here and constantly following yiusrkund? 
I don't want my child.. First one at that to live as a child without his father so please Calvin you have to believe me and I wasn't with Mason when I was with you. 
Fine yeah. I cheated on you cause I wanted to dupe you but never for once had another man to been me when you were. "
 She says and I shake my head still. 
I refuse to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. 

 I turn away but once again, she grabs my hand. 
Out of anger, rage and frustration. I jerk it away from her harshly and she knocks against the floor. 
A pang of guilt washes over me but I refuse to let that get to me. 

 "Stay the fuck away from me Skylar! "
 I yell and turn back, walking out of the doors and searching profusely for isabelle. 
She can't go yet. 
Not yet. 
I now need her even more than ever before. 
I need her to get away from the insanity that's Skylar. 
I can't believe she just said that. 

 I walk down the street and sigh when I couldn't find her. 
She left already. 
She always does. She should have at least stayes so we could figure everything out. 
We need each other. 
She needs me just as badly as I need her. 
 I was about walking back to my house when I spot a figure in the near dark. 
The figure has her head bent and I know instantly that it's her. 

 "Isabelle. "
 I call and she raises her head. 
Without thinking, I walk towards her, drag her up and pull her to my chest as I breathe in her scent. 

 I need to forget everything Skylar said just now. 
But she's saying the true. What if she really has my child?




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