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   {💘Searching for love💘}

       Episode  79.


She stops and turns back to me. I can't believe this. 
It's really her, she's really here. I thought I might have misunderstood her and I thought I would make her suffer a little but she's here? 

To beg me? 

If anyone has told me that Isabelle would ever do this, I will tell that person to go to fucking hell but Fuck! Here she is. In front of me with tears rolling down my cheeks. 
She must have saw me kissing Skylar or Skylar kissing me. 
I just don't know what the bitch fucking want from me. 
She won't just leave me alone after everything she has done. 
She is coming here and lecturing me about her loving me and all kind of shut. 
She's fucking insane. That's what she is. Fucking insane. 
I won't let her ruin like first time though. 
Isavelle is here and that's all that matters. I just hope she during misunderstand and allows me to explain everything first befre jumping into conclusions like she did that night. 

 She stares into my eyes and even from afar, her eyes looks so bright. 
She must have really wanted to talk to me for her to have come from her house and by this time also. 
The realization that she badly wants to talk to me makes me smile until she turns back, picking up race again. 

 I breathe out before proceeding to run after her when a hand grabs my wrist and I turn back  to see Skylar still staring at me. 
Why the heck isn't she leaving here?! 

 I turn back to her and jerk my hand away from her. 

 "Why the hell are you still staying here? Get the fuck out of here! "
 I yell and she flinches a little but doesn't move. 

 I sigh and get moving again but she still hold me back. 
Oh my fucking god. 
She should be thankful that I don't hit girls. 

 "What do you want skylar? "
 I growl at her and she breathes out before letting go of my hand. 

 "Why? Why won't you take me back huh? I thought you said you love me then why won't you take me back right now? Is it because of that bitch?! "
 She yells and before I know what I'm doing, I'm already in her face with my hands gripping tightly to hers. 

 I can accept anything but I will never allow her to talk to Isabelle like that. 
Never ever. 

 "Don't you fucking dare call her names! "
 I yell, my eyes wandering around hers and chest heaving up and down. 

 "I will call her by fucking name I want cause she deserves it.
She's a bitch that goes around someone else's man. 
She is a bitch! "
 She yells. 

 "SKYLAR!!! "
 I yell and my hand flies up almost within seconds as it almost collides with her cheek but thankfully, I control myself and my hand is grazing against her cheek. 

 I breathe out before bringing my hand down and I can see the horror in her eyes as she watches me and I bring it down back slowly and gently. 

 "If anyone ever told me that to would try to hit me, I would argue but you have really changed. You want to hit me? "
 Tears rolls down her cheeks and I sigh before walking over to her but not too close. 
If she thinks I'm gonna fall for her stupid silly tears then she sure is clearly mistaken. 
I don't regret ever wanting to hit her cause she deserves it but I've always promise myself that I would never raise my hand on a girl but she's really quite the actress. 
If I hadn't know her and the tricks up her sleeves, I would have fell for her crying.. Her pathetic crocodile tears but I know her better than that. 

 "Don't even trg to blackmail me with those fucking fake tears of yours  cause I won't even believe you so I suggest you stop your one woman show and get the hell out of my house. "
 I growl and when she raises her head, surprise or probably shock can be seen very clear all over her face. 

 She must have taught I would fall for that. She thinks I'm still that fool that fell head over heels in love with her. 
I don't even know what the hell made me loved her. 
I couldn't see her behaviour and her poisonous behaviour? 

 I scoff before turning to walk away, to find isabelle. She can't just leave like that. 

 "I'm pregnant for you! "
 She yells and I stop on my track instantly as I turn in awe to stare at her, eyes wide and heart beating fast repeatedly against my chest.



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