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    {💘Searching for love💘}

       Episode        78.


I stop my car as I drive into the estate and I stop at the gate. 
I get out of the car and knock on the gate.
Oh god. I hope this works through, I hope they answer cause it's already so late. 
But I have to do this tonight or never. 

  I knock on the gate once more. No response.
I sigh and notice that it's unlocked already. 
I open the gate and walk inside the compound as a gasp slides through my mouth. 
Oh my fucking god! 
This place is damn big and so beautiful! 
Okay, I knew that Calvin McQueen is rich but I didn't know it was this rich. 

 I bat my eyelashes and gulp in before walking forward inside the compound. 
There's a swimming pool at both centers. 
The left and the right. 
There's a small hut at the extreme end of the area, made of wood and it looks really beautiful. 
There are some gyming equipments at the other end, not too far from the hut. 

 Then at the left far end, there are many cars there with a shield over it. 
More than six cars and they all smell rich. 
I gulp in before proceeding to walk in even a hand drops in front if me. I look up. 
A guard and he looks really scary. 

 "Who are to liking for? "
 His voice is deep and he's holding a gun. 
I feel like I've come to the president's mansion. 
No, even the president mansion isn't this big. 

 I gulp in before staring down and he's still looking at me when I raise my head to.. 
 "Um... I'm looking for. I'm looking for Connor. No, I mean Mr Calvin McQueen. "
 Oh god. Why can't I just stop stammering already. 

 "do you have an appointment? "
 Will he even want to see me if he's told that I'm here  
I don't think he would especially after telling me right to my face that he doesn't want me anymore. 
That still hurts like hell. 

  "No, I don't. But he would want to.. "
 my voice trails off as I watch Calvin comes out of the house. 
He's putting on white trousers that perfectly makes him look like a angel but he's completely shirtless. 
Fucking goodness! 
Those abs! 

 He was about to turn to the side where I am and I was about to run over to him but halt right on my track when I see a lady walks out of the house angrily. 
Wait. This lady? 
She's the same lady that kissed him that day we were supposed to go on a date. 
She's the same lady that came to the restaurant that night and she's here again? 
Is he... He said she's his ex but at they back together already? 

 I watch as Calvin talks to the woman who stakes her head and before I knew what's happening, she grabs him and kiss him. 
I gasp as I swiftly turn say from them immediately. 
Tears threatening to roll down my cheeks.
I gulp in before I start to run back off to where exactly I came from. 
He wasn't joking when he said he doesn't want me. 
He really meant that. 

 "Madam! "
 The guard yells but I didn't listen. I just kept running off until the one voice that I've been dying to hear yells my name and I halt my movement, turning back slowly as I look at him with red eyes and tears rolling down my cheeks.



  1. Interesting. Thank you my author

  2. Must she always get mad, can't she see the handwriting on the wall. The lady did that to hurt her, dull baby, cry cry baby

  3. Shebi instead of you to stay in your house and wait small you had to go when that witch was Around 😒😒😒
    Skywhatever your name is respect your old age🤦😒😩😩😩



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