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 {💘Searching for love💘}

       Episode        74.


I run down the hallway. Take the stairs down and I almost bump into some people on the way but I don't care. 
I just want him. Calvin. 
I need to see him. 
He can't leave already. 
Everyone turns to stare at me as I run pass and I finally get inside of the company as I stare around. 

 No sign of him. 
He left already? 
Oh god. 
Quiet sobs falls from my lips as I gently turn back to walk inside the office. 

 "Isabelle. "
 That voice made me stop right on my track and I gasp as I slowly turn back. It's him. It's really him. 
It's Calvin. 

 Without thinking, I walk towards him and jump into his arms. 
It took him by surprise, probably cause he didn't do anything and I can feel his body go these against mine. 

 "Alvin.. "
 Another voice calls and I pull away instantly as I turn to see the woman in the locket. 
Oh. So they are really together? 

 "Is this her? "
 She asks and Calvin nods. He told her about me? 
That I'm the lady he once loved but I pushed him away cause of my stupidity? 

 "she's really beautiful like you said. "
 She smiles warmly before going on her toes and pecking his cheek while I stare down at my feet like its the most interesting thing to do. 

 "Um, I will be in the restraint down there with Adam ,you guys can talk. "
 She gives me a smile before turning and walking away. 
She's really beautiful and nice too. 

 I raise my head up and Calvin is staring down at me. obviously he has nothing to say to me but I do. Don't I? 

 "I'm sorry. "
 Seriously Isabel? I'm sorry? 

 He remains quiet still. Not saying anything. 

 I gulp in before starting again. 
"I know what I did was wrong and I shouldn't have pushed you away like that. 
I was a fool to have not understand your sincerity and How much you love... Loved me. 
I'm sorry I'm just saying this now but I just don't know what else to do.
This has happened to me before. Well, not like this but the same thing and I ended up getting hurt but so when you told me... "

 "I told you I love you Isabelle. 
Was that not enough to believe me or you just took that for granted also? "
 He raises his brows and it's the first time I'm hearing his voice again. 
I wish I hadn't destroyed whatever we had but of course, I did. Again. 

 "I know. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have.. "

 "You chased me away as if I meant nothing. "
 He says again and I stare down at my feet. 

 "I'm sorry. "
 I whisper. 

 "Even after finding out my true intentions. You didn't call me back Isabelle. You let me go. "

 "I'm sorry. "
 I repeats. 

 "I explained to you how it has always been with me and the women that I love but that didn't stop you Isabelle. You didn't care about how I felt. You just cared about only yourself. "

 "I'm sorry. "

 "You didn't stop to think about how I'm hurting also. You just thought about how only you are hurting. 
You took my love.. The one I showed you in the best possible way I can. You took it and threw it away in the trash can. "

 "I'm sorry. "
 A tear drops but I quickly wipe it off. 

 "but still.. With that all been said. You still happen to be the only woman that I love. "
 my head snaps up immediately as I stare at the man in front it be who had all but shocked me. 

 "Calvin... "
 I call and he nods, confirming his words. 

 "Though. I can't be with you. I'm sorry. "


  1. What!!! Do you want to keep hurting yourself for crying out loud. Can't you let go of the past Calvin? Its unlike you. Thank you author

  2. I love how Calvin is behaving



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