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 {💘Searching for love💘}

   EPISODE 73.


I watch him walk out of the office and my eyes follows his every movement. 
Isabelle, what are you doing? 
I thought you wanted nothing to do with him anymore so why are you staying at him when he isn't sparing you even a single glance. 

 I shake my head and look away from him and I watch as he walks to the other guy and they finally walk out. 

 I breathe out and look down at the file in front of me as my eyes caught something on the table. 
I sit upright and see that it's the same seat Calvin sat at. 
He must have forgotten it. 
I stand up from my seat and walk across to get to it. 
It's just a necklace. More like a locket.
Out if nervousness and curiosity, I opened it and there's a picture if a girl. 

 She's hot brown eyes and OMG shiny black hair. 
She's really beautiful. 
Who is she though? 
Oh, he got someone else already? 
I thought he said he loved me, it's only been week and he got someone already? 
I thought he would at least wait a little longer till I get myself composed and completely at ease but I guess not. 

 I sigh before closing it back and walking out of the room.  
They are far gone and I stand at the middle of the hallway as I yell his name. 
 He turns back to me and I watch the surprise he maybe shock in his face. 
He didn't expects me to even call him back. That's right. 

 I breathe out before walking over to him and stretching the locket to him. 
He stares at me for a while before taking it from me, making sure our hands doesn't meet. 

 "Oh you forgot your locket. You're lucky you found it, May would have killed you. "
 The guy besides him laugh 

May is the name of the girl? 

 "Thanks for bringing this back. "
 He says and I watch him put the locket around his neck before staring down at me once more. 
He gives me a small smile before turning back to leave. 

 This is it Isabelle. Now or never. 

 The voice in my head says and I shake my head. No, I can't. 
I want to but I cant. 
I watch as he slowly walks out of sight and I turn back to walk inside the boardroom. 
I grab my files and about to leave when boss stopped me. 

 "Hey are you okay? You don't look too good. "
 He says, smiling and I smile a little then nod before grabbing my files. 

 "I'm fine. I will be in my office if you need me. "
 I breathe out heavily before walking out of the office. 
He's gone and I just allow him to. 

 But do I want him gone ?
There's nothing I can do though. He's with May now. 
I should just forget about it. 

  But I... I.. I don't want him gone. 
I want him here. With me. By my side like he has always been. 
I want Calvin. I love Calvin. 

 I wouldn't give up on him. Even if it's this last chance, I will let him know. 
Even if he's with May now, he deserves to know. 

 Within moments, I'm on my feet and running across the hallway in search of the man that I love.



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