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 {💘Searching for love💘}

     Episode       72.


How do you deal with wanting to let go of something and wanting to hold tight unto that thing, never giving up? 
How do you deal with wanting to be with someone and never wanting to cross path with the one anymore. 
How do you deal with trying to forget about someone and trying to hold on onto every memory if that person cause every single one of it means something to you. 

 How do you deal with wanting to hate someone and loving her at the same time. 

 The moment she walked through that door, I knew I was doomed for.
This is her. The girl who has been my torture these past week. 
The girl who had always appear in my dreams and who has sealed her place in my mind and my heart. 
The girl who had made my life hers and living me with nothing. 
This is Isabelle. 
Isabelle the girl I've been longing to see to heal my heart yet the one I don't want to see to heal her heart. 
It's funny when you want two opposite different things at the same time. 

its funny when someone means the world to you when you mean, not even a thing to them. 
It's funny when your life depends on someone but that one's depends on something else. 

 But I will let go. 
She wants me to let go of her and I will surely get to of her. 
I already did. 
I wished her happiness even though she has destroyed mine. 
I wish she would find everything she needs and wants even though she wouldn't provide me with mine. 
I wish she would find every solution to her problems even though she created mime. 
I wish she would get to have the best in life even though she gave me worse. 
Nothing but heartbreak. 
How is it possible to love someone this much? 

 I don't understand. How it's possible for your heart to beat like this for sometime this much  
I thought I loved Skylar the most. She was my first love and I thought I gave it all my all to love her but I was wrong.
This is actually all my all.
I love Isabelle so much that I can feel it t the depth of my bones. 
Like our bodies are attached but of course, she doesn't want me. 
She doesn't want me and I'm not gonna stay for her any longer. 
I will let go of her cause that's what you do when you truly love someone. 

 "Let's go. "
 Adam says as we just finished the meeting. 

 I raise my head and look at the brown haired woman who had become my body and mind. 
I sigh before standing up and shaking hands with Mr Norman. The owner of the company. 

I look at her one more time and our gaze meets. 
She averts her eyes and stars down while I make my way to the fair. 

 I walk beside Adam down the hallway and he's talking about something but I just don't know what. 
 "Calvin! "
 Someone yells my name and i stop dead right on my track cause I know that voice. 
That voice that has been implanted to my brain. 

I turn back and... Isabelle.



  1. Just let go girl. He is your soulmate. Thanks author

  2. Hmmmm. She had better drop the pride jor

  3. Ahhh 😩😒😒
    All this people saying let go let go you think it's easy abi😩😂😂



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