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  {💘Searching for love💘}

Episode  71.


 My mouth hangs open as I stare at the man with the blue eyes in front of me who also stares at me. With equal tension. 

 "Come in Isabelle. Why are you just standing? "
 I hear boss voice and that's when I realize I'm still standing by the door. 
I gulp in and remove my gaze from him before walking in and taking a seat across from him as many thoughts runs through my mind. 

 Why is he here? 
What does he wants here? 
Why do I think I feel relieve to see him even though I claim that I want him away from me? 
Why can't my mind think of anything else but the man with the blue eyes across from me. 

 "Okay, now. We shall begin the meeting. "
 I raise my head up and he isn't looking at me anymore. 
He's staring down at the file in his hands and I gulp in before doing the exact same thing. 


 The meeting went well which includes me staring at Connor... Calvin all through and he didn't even spare me a glance which made me worried that it should really do. 
I barely focused on what's being discussed which results in boss staring at me with glaring eyes but my mind just feels around him. 
Why is he here? 
What is he doing here? 
Why isn't he looking at me? And why the hell do I want him to look at me? 
I don't know but maybe Stephan was right. 
Maybe I don't hate him as much as I should do. 
Just maybe... I care for him than I thought but the thought that he used me terrifies me. 
They bring back bad memories that has been destroyed all thanks to him. 
Flesh in my mind. Opened up wounds that I was trying to get over. 
I can still remember clearly. 
How he has used me. Taken my pride and tarnished my dignity. 
I remember clearly how Sebastian forcefully took away what wasn't his and left me broken. 
I remember every single scar I got from him. 
I remember being starved for months. 
I remember almost dying but he didn't care. 
I remember how much I regretted trusting him. 
I remember him taunting me always that night one would want me anymore cause I'm his and I'm marked as his. 
I remember his face. I remember the smirk that's always plastered across his face anytime he pushes into me and bury his dark soul into my body. 
I remember how he humiliated me. Had his men took turns on me every time I try to escape. I remember the look on his face the day I was saved. 
I remember the smug smile and the smirk.
I remember him telling me that he would he back for me. 

 Calvin closed every wound. Every single one. 
I don't know how he did it. I don't know why I found peace with him. in him. 
I Don't know why he suddenly becomes someone important to me and I don't know how he managed to be my saviour but he did. 

 Then I found out. 
I felt used all over again. Deep wounds was brought out .
I felt like that silly teenage girl that allowed herself to he used. 
I felt wrong. 
I was so mad. So furious. I didn't care. 
I just wanted him gone. 
Away from me. 
I couldn't bare to see his face. 
I couldn't bare to live with him and be with him every hour. 

 I couldn't. 
The last few days has been hell. 
Peaceful but hell. 
The idea of sadness and happiness as the same time. 
I barely made it through the nights. 
They were coming back  the nightmares. 
The nightmares that Connor... Calvin managed to pass away. 
They all came back with full force. 
I would wake up every morning with sweats covering my entire body, panting hard and his face evident in my mind.
It was worse this time cause I could feel like he's back again. 
Back again for me. I could feel it. 
I wouldn't sleep anymore.
There's no way I could have sleep after that. No one. 
I just wanted it gone and the only solution is Calvin McQueen.



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