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    {💘Searching for love💘}

        Episode  70.


 I walk down the stairs and into the dining room as the maids will bow to me and I gently nod at them all. 

 I sit across Adam and stare at the food at the dining table. 

   "Good morning Calvin. "
 Adam smiles at me and I smile back at him before grabbing my fork and digging into our food. 

 May walks down the stairs and peck my cheek before sitting beside me and grabbing her fork to eat. 

 It's been a week since that day I left from her house and I'm finally going back to the office. 
I'm no longer gonna stay in this house and watch everything I work for slowly slip away. 

 I need to get back to work no matter how hurt I am and I know that soon, I would forget about isabelle. 
I just need to give it time, if she doesn't want to forgive me then I have no other choice but to let her go. 

 Soon, I was done at the dining and I grab the my jacket, slinging it across my shoulder as Adam follow me behind. 

 "Are you sure you're ready to do this? "
 This is the tenth time he would ask me that question in just few hours. 
I've always told him that I'm okay but he just keeps asking and asking as if I'm not okay or something. 
It's just loosing someone I love and I've already gotten over it. 
Besides this isn't the first time this would happen. 
I've grown used to everything dumping me aside. 

 I don't need to be reminded of it over and over again, it's getting frustrating. 

 "I'm okay Adam. Please, let's just go. "
 I groan and he nods as I turn back and smile at May. 

 She walks over to my dorm and press a kiss to my cheek and I smile at her. 

 "you just be okay. You have to be okay for me and for yourself. "
 I nod and Adam and I got inside the car and he drives off. 
 "You still haven't told me what happened yet? I know she found out but how is what I don't understand. "
 Adam says behind me and I groan slowly. 
Why does he keeps talking about this over and over again. 
It's getting annoying. 

  "Adam! I'm okay so please just drive and let's go to work! I'm fine, I'm not hurt so please stop asking me that question over and over again. "
 I groan and he nods before turning to the road and I sigh, resting my head against the headrest. 


  I already reach the office and according to boss, we're having so big meeting with someone at a high position. 

 I made sure I'm all set before I grab the files and turn to walk inside the room where the meeting is being taken place. 

 "Welcome miss Isabelle. "
 My boss says and I smile before bowing down to him. 

  I raise my head and my breathing hitches instantly as I stare at the person in front of me who looks at me with a neutral expression. 




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