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   {💘Searching for love💘}

      Episode       69.



 It's been a week since Connor left or should I say Calvin and Stephan already returned from his camping trip. 
I've forced myself to forget about him. 
Even though it was hard but I need to. I have to.. He lied to me and made a fool out of me. 
Lied to me about everything. 
Who he truly is. He even lied to me about his family. 

 No matter how badly he was desperate, he shouldn't have lied to me about such a thing. 

 I walk down the stairs to Stephan is already at the dining,setting the table and it made me remember when I will walk downstairs to meet him setting the table also. 

 I shave my head. I need to get rid of him. Not think about him anymore. 
I shouldn't. 

 "So you're saying he just left after you found out "
 He says immediately he sights me and I sigh before frowning my face at him.
Here we go again. He has been asking me about Calvin all these days and I'm actually getting tired of it. 
I'm tired of hearing that make over and over again. 

 "I don't know Stephan. I told him to leave him alone and he did. "
 I didn't actually excepted him to just leave when I told him to.
I thought he would stay and fight for me.
Say he wouldn't ever let go until I forgive him but he did and nonetheless, I'm glad for it anyways. 

 "Don't you love her? "
 He suddenly asks, raising his brows and my heart beats faster against my chest. 
Why would he ask such a question? 
 "I don't know. "
 I mutter before digging into my food. 

 "Are you sure of it ?you're just hiding it  
I've seen you two together sister and one mistake shouldn't tear you guys apart. "
 He says and I raise my head. 
Is thus my brother speaking? 
My brother that wouldn't anyone to even touch me? 

 "I know you're surprised that I'm the one saying this but seriously I've come to learn that he's a good guy. 
Come to think of it sister, he left his world. His family and his home to come here just because he's trying to get you.
That isn't something easy to do and you should appreciate him 
Don't neglect his heart and your feelings for him just because of one slight mistake and don't even try to argue that you don't love him cause I've seen the way you look at him sister so I suggest you do something better you lose him forever. 
Besides its been a week already. Don't you think that's enough punishment for him? 
Think and follow your heart sister. "
 He says and kiss my hair better disappearing up the stairs. 

 I sigh before dropping my fork.
Is Stephen right? 
Should I really forgive him and forget about everything that he did? 
I just don't know but he's right. I don't want to lose him forever but it still hurts everytime I think that he lied to me.. About everything.
It's like I don't even know him and it hurts badly. 

 What exactly should I do?



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