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{ Searching for love } 



I slammed myself against the door as hot tears roll down my cheeks. 

He lied to me and manipulated me. 

A part of me wanted to stop him from leaving and hug him to myself telling him how much I love him but I just  can't. 

What if he never loved me?  Maybe he used me to mend his broken heart. 

I slumped to the floor  shuddering. 

The entrance door  sound could be heard from up here.. 
He's  truly  leaving the house. 

I manage to get on my feet and raced downstairs but I was too late he had left.. 

He left me,  he left me 💔

I stayed that way  crying my eyes out. 

My greatest curse is that  I love him so much even after everything he had done to me . 


I locked myself  in my room  all I could think of was Isabel.  The thought of loosing her is making my heart ache. 

"Open up Calvin  you can't seriously starve yourself. " I heard May's voice  but I ignored. 

I really don't wanna.  Speak to anyone vi just  wanna  be alone. 

I don't think I can forget her.  I love her too much to even forget here. 

She stole my heart  💞  and i'll forever love her with all my heart. 

"Please  Calvin  don't do this to me.  Talk to me please!! " May pleaded but I still wasn't ready to open up. 

"Go away. " I growled softly. 

" no I won't  you'll have to talk to me sooner or later.  Is it about  Isabel? " she asked and my heart skipped. 

"Go away  May!! " I groaned softly.



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