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  {πŸ’˜Searching for loveπŸ’˜}

      Episode       67.


I sigh as I rest my head against the wall, waiting for Isabelle. 
Waiting to see if she would come out of there and tell me not to leave. 
Tell me that she understands and I can stay with her. 
Tell me that she forgives me but it never came. 
She never come out of the house to stop me. 
She didn't stop me from leaving, she stayed true to her words. She wants me out of the house. 

 I know I should have told her. I wanted to. I was going to tonight until that Skylar of a bitch came along and ruined everything. 
I don't know why she keeps following me around after throwing me away as if I'm some piece of shit. 
She dares have the audacity to still follow me around telling me she wants me hack and all those other shit. 
She dare not show her face to me again cause I will destroy her and make sure she feels greater pain that she could have possibly feel in her entire life. 

 I sigh as I turn back to stare at the door. 
She didn't take it easy like I thought. 
I know it's a sensitive subject for her especially after what happened last time but I meant what I said. 
I truly do love her. I wasn't using her. 
I only wanted her love. I only wanted her heart. 
I only wanted someone to love me the same way I do for them but maybe I'm not destined for that anyways. 

 I look at the house once more before dragging my bag beside me. 
Isabelle, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and understand why I did what I did but if you don't then I wish you happiness for the rest of your life. 

 Every single moment with you is special and I wouldn't forget even one moment. 
 I love you Isabelle. 

 I sigh again before finally moving away and dragging my nag with me. 
I bring out my phone and dial Adam's number. 

 πŸ“± Alvin. 
His voice comes in and I breathe out. 

 πŸ“±Come and pick me. 
I mutter and there's silence in the background. 

 πŸ“± pick you? Where? 

 πŸ“± The same place you dropped me for the first time. 

 I mutter and without waiting for him to speak another word. I hang up the call and stare at the house one more time. 

 Adam's car parks by me minutes later and I got into the car immediately after dropping my bag. 

 "What happened. "
 He asks as I sit beside him and I shake my hand. 
 "Drive Adam. "

 "Alvin.. "
 He calls and I groan. 

 "Adam please, just drive. "
 I frown again and he nods before starting the engine. 

 I sigh and rest my head against the headrest and soon, he drives into the compound. 

 I got out as the securities bow to me and I walk into the house immediately. The maids must have already gone to sleep. 
The few lingering around bow to me but I just walk up the stairs. 

 "Alvin.. "
 May shouts immediately she sees me and I just give her a smile, walking pass her. 

 "What happened? "
 I can hear her asking Adam who sighs. 

 "I don't know. He just called me to come pick him up. 
Didn't say anything to me either, I think Isabelle found out and she didn't take it lightly. "
 He says as I walk inside my room and shut the door behind me. 

 I plop down on the bed and hold my face between my hands. 

 It's over. It's really over before it even start. 
She isn't taking me back. 

 This hurts... So badly. 
Even worse than been dumped. 
 I've never felt this pain before even when I kept getting dumped but this.. I can feel it deep down to my bones and it hurts... Deeply.




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